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Home and Away reveals first look at new character in Leah and Justin story


When they are working together, Justin asks Theo a tonne of questions about Leah’s activities. Later, in the hopes that Leah will be there, Justin sends Theo to the Diner for lunch.

Theo tells Leah he’s had enough when Marilyn Chambers confides in him that she worries that he must be so interested in Leah and Justin’s predicament. He tells her that Justin is disintegrating without her and says he can’t take part in the drama in their relationship any longer.

Leah goes to the garage after hearing the news, where she meets Justin for the first time in several days and informs him that they cannot continue their current way of life. Justin concurs with Leah that they have unfairly placed Theo in a challenging situation.

He acknowledges how much he misses her and goes on to say that he worries about their connection and is unclear about what’s going on with them.


To Justin’s dismay, Leah decides that the intense conversation is too much for her and leaves.

Later, when Leah is having a post-mortem with Marilyn at the Diner, she is taken aback to see Valerie, her clinic roommate, stroll in.

Valerie Beaumont, a new character on Home and Away, has been teased ahead of her premiere on UK television next week.

As Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan’s plot progresses and she gets used to living in Summer Bay again after her spell in a mental health clinic, Valerie will make her appearance. To Justin’s dismay, Leah has informed her fiancé that she believes it would be best if they don’t spend time together at this time while she is still recovering.


Leah chooses to assign her reticent nephew Theo Poulos to watch Justin while she keeps her distance in scenes that will premiere on Channel 5 in the UK next week.

Valerie can’t believe Leah hasn’t gone right home to Justin given everything she’s heard about him, as she catches up with her. Valerie persuades Leah to invite Justin to join them for supper after realising how much the couple loves one another.

Is this the beginning of the couple’s journey towards recovery?

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