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Neighbours Spoilers – Haz mystery sees Holly’s bank account emptied


Next week on Neighbours, Holly discovers her bank account has been completely depleted, and Haz receives another menacing video, adding to the mystery around him.

Haz Devkar is experiencing an extremely peculiar situation (Shiv Palekar). Things haven’t been the same in a few weeks when he discovered his favourite Harold’s café was completely destroyed when he arrived one morning.

Haz was moved when Ramsay Street neighbours came together to help him clean up and reopen, but he was completely devastated a few hours later to learn that the attack was personal.

He got a video with the message, “I know the truth about you,” that evening while he was by himself on the couch at No 32.


It looked like Haz, wearing a dark hoodie, was bashing up the coffee shop himself in the ominous footage.

Haz has been acting rather oddly ever since.

Georgie Stone’s legal girlfriend Mackenzie promised to check over Haz’s business insurance and assist him in filing a claim. However, Haz later admitted lying to Mackenzie about having previously submitted the forms.

Nevertheless, Mackenzie discovered after going over his insurance records that Haz would benefit monetarily from the break-in because of his comprehensive coverage.


Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Haz made sure to tell his housemates that he has a brother, who many have described as being “exactly like him,” while viewers were left wondering whether he destroyed his own café as part of an insurance job. Could the real culprit be this brother who was never mentioned before?

Mackenzie tried to install security cameras in Harold’s last week, which infuriated Haz, who vowed never to put cameras in the establishment.

After bugging their phones, we noticed Byron (Xavier Molyneux) sitting by himself in Harold’s as Mackenzie subsequently voiced her concerns to him about how strange Haz has been acting since the break-in.


Just a few days prior, Haz demonstrated his technical prowess when he intervened to preserve Krista’s (Majella Davis) important presentation from being ruined by Chelsea (Viva Bianca), who had damaged the only copy. He’s now spying on his friends with his IT talents, but why?

Not only is Haz the target of strange behaviour, but Aaron (Matt Wilson) and Jane (Annie Jones) are also taken in by a nasty prank known as the “deepfake.”

Both the phone call from Aaron’s late husband “David” (Takaya Honda) and the sultry video of Jane that has been going around Erinsborough High this week are artificial intelligence (AI) creations that are unsettlingly lifelike.

Was Harold’s actually destroyed by Haz, or is this just another deepfake video created by the same person who is after Aaron and Jane?

The mystery continues next week. A jubilant Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) enlists Byron to go automobile shopping with her after reaching her savings target. They are both unaware that Haz is once more sitting by himself and listening in on their talk.

Haz’s fear increases rapidly after that when he gets a USB stick with another video on it. This time, it has an animation of him looking like a spooky skeleton with an offensive message.


Haz’s worry intensifies when Byron later claims to have seen someone observing him over the garden fence. It appears that there is a genuine target for him.

Haz quickly makes a mistake when he remarks innocuously about the car Holly was about to purchase, which causes Holly to wonder how he found out that specific information as she never told him!

When Haz realises that he’s merely been listening in, he has to think quickly and cover uncomfortably.

Holly checks in with Haz after becoming concerned about his strange behaviour recently, just like Mackenzie does, but a frazzled Haz encourages her to move on.

Soon after, Holly is upset to learn that her whole savings of $20,000 for a car have vanished from her bank account!

She has no idea that the funds have inexplicably found their way into Haz’s personal bank account.

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