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Neighbours Spoilers – More new arrivals on Ramsay Street


A number of new characters have been confirmed for Neighbours. Yasmine and Logan will debut later this year, while Sky Mangel and Kiri Durant will make their comeback in the upcoming weeks.

Since “Next Chapter” debuted on Amazon Freevee in September of last year, the show has seen a lot of new cast members as well as returning ones.

The two most notable newcomers were Haz (Shiv Palekar) and the Varga-Murphy family. Later, Cara’s (Sara West) sister Chelsea (Viva Bianca) and Haz’s sister Amira (Maria Thattil) joined their extended family.

In recent months, we have also been treated to the welcome back of Harold (Ian Smith), Hilary (Anne Scott-Pendlebury), and Sharon Davies (Jessica Muschamp), with the hope that more well-known faces will be joining them soon.


Nicolette and Byron both got new looks, with Hannah Monson and Xavier Molyneux taking over for Charlotte Chimes and Joe Klocek, respectively.

Speaking of the Stone family, their long-absent father Victor (Craig Hall) has recently moved in, which has made things interesting lately.

Amazon Freevee / Jane Zhang

Four new characters are now on their way to Ramsay Street: two are long-awaited returnees and the other two are two fresh newcomers.


(Stephanie McIntosh) Sky Mangel
Now that Harold was back in Erinsborough, where he was residing in Eirene Rising, it was only natural for his granddaughter Sky to stop over and see him.

While Stephanie McIntosh is primarily in town to visit her grandfather, the show has hinted that there may be another reason Stephanie is returning to Ramsay Street. Neighbours revealed on social media last week that Stephanie McIntosh will be reprising her role as Sky.

As stated on Instagram, “Sky Mangel is back on Ramsay Street!” Following closely behind Harold… Sky is going to pay a visit to her beloved grandfather.

What else, though, has drawn her back to Erinsborough? In the upcoming weeks, Stephanie McIntosh will play her beloved role again.


When Sky last visited Ramsay Street in 2020, she was a senior detective looking into Finn Kelly’s (Rob Mills) death.

She also married Lana Crawford (Bridget Neval) upon her return; the show clarified that the two had reconnected after Sky left Erinsborough and that they had kissed back in 2004.

Soon after the news was released, April Rose Pengilly, who portrayed Chloe Brennan, turned to Instagram to demand that Sky bring the show back permanently.

April shared an old picture of the couple on the backlot of Neighbours.

As someone who enjoyed watching the neighbors in the early 2000s, I was thrilled to meet and collaborate with @stephiemcintosh. We can all agree that Steph is incredibly brilliant, hilarious, kind, and lovely, thus she should definitely be back on the program indefinitely! ❤️

Sky is anticipated to make a comeback in the upcoming weeks.


Yasmine Shields, also known as Chrishell Stause
Later this year, Chrishell Stause, best known for her appearance on the US reality TV series Selling Sunset, will make a cameo appearance on Neighbours.

© Reuben Moore

Yasmine “Yas” Shields, a stylish and prosperous entrepreneur who arrives in Erinsborough in search of a thrilling new opportunity, is the new character that Chrishell will be portraying.

“I am thrilled and honored to be a part of such a cherished and legendary show!” About her new position, Chrishell stated. “It’s back to my first love in the entertainment industry, the US soap opera industry. When they presented me with a character notion, I was eager to work out how to bring it to life.

“Here I come, Ramsay Street!”

Fans can anticipate mystery, surprises, and a lot of ramifications for the people living on Ramsay Street, according to what we’ve been informed.

Executive Producer Jason Herbison continued, saying, “We are ecstatic to have Chrishell join the Neighbors cast. We are excited for her to bring the story to life because we designed a character specifically for her.

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