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Colby Thorne fate is Revealed in these spoilers Pictures. Must Watch!


Your complete set of images showing what’s going on on UK screens in the week starting on Monday, February 1.

Monday, February 1: In court, Colby appears

His trial for murdering Ross begins.

Monday, February 1: Smugly watching Angelo

He’s enthusiastic about seeing Colby get his comeuppance.

Monday, February 1: Angelo is the first person to have proof

Everything he knows about Colby’s remorse, he shares.

Monday, February 1: A fortunate escape for Taylor

She was excluded from the list of witnesses, meaning she didn’t need to testify against Colby.

February 1st, Monday: Dean holds a close watch on things

He’s in court for his best friend’s love.

Monday, February 1: For Colby, the trial is beginning to go wrong.

In court, an audio recording is played in which Colby can be heard confessing to the murder of Ross.

February 1st, Monday: Colby is in for another shock.

Witness X will be summoned to the stand.

1st of February Monday: It’s Willow!

The shocking decision to betray her friend was made by Willow.

February 1 Monday: The reality is dawning on Dean and Bella

Willow collaborated with Angelo and provided him with a recording of the audio.

Monday, February 1: There are mixed emotions in Willow

Though she is convinced that she is doing the right thing, this is undoubtedly a betrayal from which she will not be able to come back.

Monday 1st of February: Willow offers evidence

Part of what she learns about Colby’s remorse, she shares.

February 1st, Monday: Dean is outraged

He’s about to create a court scene.

Monday, February 1: The version of events in Willow leaves a few specifics out.

She omits any mention of being involved in the cover-up with her, Dean or Bella.

Monday, February 1: Dean is thrown out of court by himself

Not impressed by his outburst was the judge.

Tuesday, February 2: After a big decision, Colby faces music

He testified in court and admitted to everything, realising the game was up.

Tuesday, February 2: Colby is an inmate now.

He got a sentence of 25 years.

Tuesday, February 2: Colby is directed to his cell.

It hits home with his new reality.

Tuesday, February 2: Colby is faced with a dark future

It appears to be the end of the Bay age.

Friday, February 5: Dean approaches Jasmine

She wonders if he knows in jail how Colby is doing.

Friday, February 5: Intoxicated Dean insists that he doesn’t know how to deal with Colby.

When they visited the jail earlier, he and Bella were turned away as inmates can’t have visitors in their first week.

Friday, February 5: Dea is worried about Jasmine.

Clearly, he’s in a rough way.

Friday, February 5: Dean is also seen in a bad way by Martha, Alf and Roo

The entire life of Dean is falling apart.

February 5, Friday: Dean becomes violent

Alf is going to be unimpressed for sure.

Friday, February 5: Another hasty pass Dean makes

In his intoxicated state, he goes to see Ziggy.

February 5, Friday: Ziggy is shocked to see Dean

She had made it clear earlier that they would not be getting back together.

Friday 5th of February: Dean admits how much Ziggy wants him

He’s not over their breakup yet.

Friday 5 February: Ziggy is placed in a tough position

When he’s in this state, how can she deal with Dean?

5th of February Friday: Alf is concerned about Ryder

Ryder is offered an internship on a cruise ship, but since his friends are in trouble, he needs to turn it down.

Friday, February 5: Alf highlights Ryder’s value in embracing the opportunity

For once, he needs his selfless grandson to put himself first.

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