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Home and Away Star Belinda Giblin explains the commitment of Martha to Kieran “It’s all to do with Guilt”

For UK audiences, there are spoilers for Home and Away.

Belinda Giblin, who plays Martha Stewart on Home and Away, spoke to Digital Spy about her character’s unwavering devotion to her son Kieran.

Martha and Kieran (Rick Donald) were recently reunited after years apart, but their time together was cut short when Kieran’s alcoholism forced him to leave Summer Bay.

Kieran has a considerable alcohol habit, and when asked about it in this week’s scenes on Channel 5, he became aggressive with Martha’s husband Alf (Ray Meagher).

The troublesome character has since left the Bay to avoid the sun, but Martha refuses to accept he has done anything wrong in upcoming episodes. Instead, she holds Alf and their daughter Roo (Georgie Parker) responsible for Kieran’s disappearance.

Belinda explained Martha’s logic to Digital Spy as follows: “It’s just about the shame. Martha is deeply ashamed of herself for not being a proper mum.

“At one point, Martha says to Alf that ‘Kieran had no chance.’ His father wasn’t successful and Martha couldn’t deal with her problems.

She’s frightened of him, but she’s always feeling awful. She wishes it will work harder, but things get out of hand too quickly.

Now that Kieran has left Summer Bay, the show moves on to a difficult period in Martha’s mental life as she tries to make sense of it. Martha has recently been shown to have Borderline Personality Disorder on the show (BPD).

Naturally, I read a lot and read a lot about this – feelings of abandonment, sentiments that I can’t cope with attachment and feelings that I can’t completely form a connection – all these are very strong emotions.

She wants to confide only about what he does. While the others can, Martha cannot see past it. There is a nightmare that awaits you.

She is weeping a lot, and she is broken, she is crying a lot. Alf tries to support Martha aggressively, but she drives him relentlessly on.”

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