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Home and Away Star Shane Withington is tackling the big Susie McAllister twist

Home and Away Star Shane Withington talked about Susie McAllister’s big twist show, revealing that he always suspected that the manipulative character wasn’t to be trusted.

The show introduced former McLeod’s Daughters star Bridie Carter to Susie a few weeks ago. Susie’s arrival was initially teased as a possible chance of happiness for Shane’s character, John Palmer, following his departure from Marilyn Chambers.

But next week’s episodes on Channel 5 feature a huge blast, as Susie seems to be playing John for a fool.

When Susie finds herself alone in John’s home, she takes the opportunity to snoop through his financial records and take pictures. From that point on, it’s obvious that her romantic interest in John is completely false.

Asked if it was a shock to read this twist in the scripts, Shane said to Digital Spy: “No, I knew from the outset that John was going to be played because we wanted to do justice to the plot.

“In the beginning, the storey is amusing and fun and hard, and then it turns into a tragedy. It’s a very good storey arc that’s going on for a long time.


“Writers have done a fantastic job of relating other storylines to it. This is an interesting storey arc to observe.”


Shane noticed that John was more likely to trust Susie than he is always with other newcomers to Summer Bay.

He said that: “Usually, when a newcomer comes to the Bay, John fights with them, and then he becomes a friend of his! Not in this case, guy!

“He’s lonely, and Susie is gorgeous and good at seducing him, so she plays John like a fish. John is out of his depth, very naive and weak in this plot.”

Shane added on working with Bridie on the storey: “I can’t give enough credit to Bride Carter. She was a total delight. She worked in between, even when she was just standing on the stage, constantly developing her character. I’ve learned a lot from Bridie.


“She’s a very nice actress, very funny and a very caring girl, so it was wonderful to work with her.”

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