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Home and Away: Mac’s (not so) shocking pregnancy announcement, can it be a new opening in the story ?

Another heartbreak from Home and Away.

It was difficult to stop hearing about Mac’s surprise pregnancy unless you didn’t have access to a television or the internet.

But it was all a ruse to hide the ludicrous plot of Bella, Chloe, Nikau, and Ryder all being abducted at the same time.

When Ziggy and Tane return home, they catch Mac moping on the sofa, which she is more than entitled to after her ex left her for Mia’s botoxed lips (even though he won’t admit it yet).

We all expected the split, but after everything Mac has done for the Paratas — including lending them her Porsche as cocaine leverage — it comes as a huge shock and another heartbreak for the show.


Tane says to Mac that she “looks like death.” He’s clearly not going to be a decent sounding board, so Zig quickly dismisses him.

Mac should not be with anyone who has feelings for anyone else, Zig assures her, because the divorce is definitely for the best.

“If only it were that easy,” Mac responds. “I’m expecting a child.”

“I was hoping Ari would come back to me and we could sort things out,” Mac says she just found out a few days ago.


Mac is adamant about not telling Ari, and Ziggy has been sworn to secrecy.

Ari, on the other hand, is sweating it out at the gym. But, of course, Home and Away wouldn’t be complete without Mia, of course.

The two are uncomfortable together, and Mia reiterates that she doesn’t want to spend so much time with Ari because he has a girlfriend.

Mia tells Ari, “There’s nothing between us and there never will be.”


As a result, he doesn’t tell her about the divorce.

However, just minutes after this gym session, Mac bumps into Mia and can’t help but vent her frustrations, which comes as a surprise to Mia.

Mia goes to see Ari when the kids will be out for the weekend, and he shares the news — she’s since changed out of her activewear in favour of a low-cut dress that Ari won’t be able to avoid.

She brings up past experiences and needs to know what made Ari believe that breaking up with his ex was the best thing to do, but it seems like they’re going to get back together right away.

Tori and Budget McDreamy are both back from their vacation, and Tori goes to look at the house with her brother, but she doesn’t think it’s appropriate and lists a long list of problems.

Finally, there’s the decoy drama that I described earlier.


Bella and Nikau are devising a grand scheme to get Chloe and Ryder to avoid bickering — a plotline that is beginning to wear thin.

Bella recommends that they all take the bus and Yabbie Creek to do something “fun” like bowling, which was not my idea of a nice time when I was 19, but this is a family show, after all.

So the four of them arrive at the bus stop in the dusk, and a truck drives up alongside them, pulling two of them inside as Ryder calls out that he’s calling the cops, but we see him being dragged into the van as well.

What’s a person to do if they don’t know where to start? Over the 33 years that Home and Away has been on our screens, there have been many amazing kidnappings, but this isn’t one of them.

It’s a surprise I didn’t see coming, but it’s just too unlikely that four grown adults will be snatched as soon as they arrive at a bus stop for a trip they don’t take on a regular basis.

They don’t normally hang out together.

The most plausible theory is that Paul the creep and his posse are retaliating against Ari and Tane for saving the day thanks to Heath Braxton’s brooding looks.

Many people probably wish Mia and Chloe were abducted, but it would make life much too peaceful.

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