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Home and Away spoilers: Married Levi’s lies finally catch up with him


After lying for weeks, Levi and Mac’s affair has finally come to light in Home and Away. Levi has been frantically juggling the ladies in his life ever since he arrived in Summer Bay.

It’s been challenging to keep up with all of Levi’s falsehoods, from reconciling with his sister Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) to developing a bond with his patient Mackenzie (Emily Weir) while keeping his wife Imogen (Georgia Blizzard) at a distance in Home and Away.

For Eden, this represents the height of betrayal: how could her brother have committed the same act that their father had, which had destroyed their family in their early years?

This is different, says Doctor Levi (Tristan Gorey), because his marriage to Imogen (Georgia Blizzard) was practically ended when he came to Summer Bay. And he’s discovered someone he could fall in love with once more in Mac (Emily Weir). However, he is aware that what he has done may permanently distance Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).


Tristan, 29, tells TV WEEK that Levi’s sister’s eventual discovery of his “extracurricular activities” splits his heart in two. He has two sides to himself: one is proudly in love with Mackenzie, while the other feels disappointed in himself for having committed the same error that caused his family to fall apart when he was a young boy.

After regaining Eden’s confidence, he is shocked to see her lose it over what he did to Imogen. It appears like history is repeating itself.

Levi must act morally, no matter how difficult it may be, because time is running out. As more people become aware of the affair, including an incensed Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) who finds it unbelievable that Mac would destroy someone’s marriage, time is running out.

“There’s no doubt about it,” Tristan declares. “He will only cause hurt by juggling the trust of three women who hold great meaning for him.”


Did you miss the previous episode of Home and Away featuring Dr. Levi and his three women? To catch up on something quick, keep scrolling.

Levi was almost exposed when doctor Bree (Juliet Godwin) decided to use him to make Remi (Adam Rowland) envious by hauling him onstage for some dirty dancing at the Salt fundraiser.

Tristan tells TV WEEK, “Levi has done a great job of maintaining the secret affair with Mackenzie.” But following the ‘event’ at Salt, Eden starts to have suspicions about something simmering beneath the surface. Fortunately for Levi, Bree, not Mackenzie, is the one she believes he is having an affair with.

He believes he is out of the picture after persuading Eden that’s not the case and cautiously avoiding bringing up Mackenzie. That is, until Eden makes the decision to surprise Imogen by bringing her to the Bay in an effort to help her older brother get his life back on track.


Tristan claims that it’s undoubtedly unexpected and not in a good way!

“The ‘arrangement’ Mackenzie and Levi have will definitely face its own special set of challenges with Imogen in the Bay,” he says.

“Levi needs to make sure he moves quickly if he wants to keep seeing Mackenzie and keep up his relationship with his sister!”

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