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Home and Away spoilers: Can Xander share Stacey as she drops a bombshell?


After some initial trepidation, Xander (Luke Van Os) decided to go on a date with newbie Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri), and their dinner date in Salt went well.

Up until a patron at the pub passed out, at which point Xander sprang into paramedic mode and hurried the man to the hospital. Although Stacey gave her reasons for leaving early, she made it apparent that the date was memorable and that she would like to see him again.

Xander is shocked to find her leading a fitness class on the beach a few days later. When he finally catches up with her, he is happy to hear that she has been recruited as the gym’s new trainer and is establishing herself in the Bay. Seeing a chance, Xander proposes a second date, and she is overjoyed, especially when he says they should start it right away.

When they enter Salt, the date is going well until they notice that Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is having trouble since she is understaffed and needs assistance. Xander saves the day once more because he is licenced to work in a bar. Stacey is astonished by his quick action and wonders if there is anything he can’t handle. Later, Xander pulls Stacey into a kiss as she questions what other skills he might be hiding.


Rose (Kirsty Marillier) arrives home later and sets the meal on the counter when she hears laughter coming from Xander’s room. She instantly realises that he has company and goes into hiding.


In the morning, Rose offers to give Xander some space so he can have Stacey over again because he is so happy. Xander approaches Stacey when he sees her leaving for work, excited about the chance. Stacey has an intriguing update, though, and it makes Xander wonder if he has interpreted all the signals incorrectly.

She admits that she actually has a date with someone else that night, so she will be occupied. She swiftly clarifies that she is not interested in monogamy so that Xander won’t feel rejected. She simply prefers to date several individuals at once.

She would be delighted to see Xander once more if he is okay with it. Is Xander ready for non-monogamous dating after all the confusion?


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