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Home and Away spoilers: Can Cash save Stevie before it’s too late?


Film actress Stevie believes it’s finally safe to come out of hiding and spend time with her fans as a red carpet event for her new film approaches. However, Cash is enraged because her stalker is still at large and believes that this is the worst decision she has ever made.

As an attacker’s dream, everyone will know precisely where and when Catherine Van-Davies’s character, Stevie, will be. But what can Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) do now that he’s lost his job as her bodyguard?

Nicholas, 36, tells TV WEEK that “Cash knows that the danger facing Stevie is real and it’s escalating.” “Cash can’t shut off the part of himself that worries about her safety just because Stevie fired him.”

Whether Stevie agrees or not, Cash will keep her safe after discussing his options with Eden (Stephanie Panozzo). He determines that the risk is too great!


When he arrives at the event, he is shocked by how simple it is for him to enter right away. He understands that anyone can do it if he can.

Nicholas says, “He sees that Stevie has put herself in a dangerous position.” “Stalkers could easily approach the event because no one is monitoring the fans who are there.”

By pointing this out to Stevie, he is able to persuade her that having him stay might not be a bad idea. And as the stalker suddenly leaps out of the crowd, she quickly realises he was right.

Nicholas claims, “Cash has no idea what the stalker is capable of.” Thus, he seizes the chance to neutralise the threat.


Can he halt the assault in a timely manner? Or has Stevie’s decision to prioritise attention over her security pushed her luck too far?

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