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Home and Away to air baby twist for Felicity Newman


Felicity Newman from Home and Away is thinking about taking on a newborn baby as an emergency foster carer starting next week.

After learning of her estranged husband Tane Parata’s developing bond with a kid he discovered on the beach, Felicity conducts preliminary investigation.

The UK-paced episodes this week include Tane finding an abandoned newborn girl and bringing her to safety. Subsequently, he remains at the small child’s side in the hospital, insisting that he is her only companion.

Next week, in follow-up scenes, Tane wilfully disregards the counsel of his housemates, Mackenzie Booth and Mali Hudson, who beg him to back off.


Refusing to accept defeat, Tane even gives the infant an unofficial name: Maia, the Māori word for “courage”.

When Tane finds out that Maia’s parents haven’t come forward to claim her, even after the police have made public calls for information, his concern for Maia increases.

Tane offers himself up right away when he hears that an emergency foster carer might be chosen. He is rejected by Harper Matheson, who notes that he is ineligible because he was not born in Australia and is not listed as a permanent resident.

When Felicity learns what’s going on later in the week, she can’t help but become embroiled in the emotional scenario because she knows that she broke Tane’s heart by refusing to have children with him.


Felicity gets on her laptop at home and looks up the process of applying to be a foster care provider.

Cash is astonished when Felicity confides in him and advises her to think things through carefully before making a choice.

Cash queries Felicity on her desire to raise a child, given that her inability to have children was the primary factor in the breakdown of her marriage to Tane.

Felicity objects, saying she should pay Tane back for the suffering she gave him while she appeared to be trying for a child.


But when Cash asks Felicity if she would assume this duty if Maia had no relationship to Tane, he finally makes progress.

Felicity is made to acknowledge that she wouldn’t; will this mean that she won’t be involved in it at all?

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