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Home and Away Spoilers – Mac’s left distraught when Ari breaks up with her


On next week’s episode of Home and Away in the UK, Ari must choose between Mackenzie and Mia… but little does he know, Mac is keeping a big secret.

For the last couple of weeks, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) has been torn between his feelings about Mia. The two have been out of each other’s lives for over a decade, following a bad military robo that put Ari in prison for 10 years.

Rather than telling her nine-year-old daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett) what had happened to the man she saw as her father figure, Chloe pretended Ari had actually left them and whisked her away for a fresh start. Chloe was utterly unaware of Ari’s whereabouts for the next ten years, before she ran into Nikau while backpacking across New Zealand a few weeks ago.

When Chloe returned to Summer Bay with her sort-of-cousin, Mia was distraught and came looking for her. She had no intention of spending time with Ari because she was still angry about what had happened, and all she wanted to hear was what her daughter was doing in the same town as him.


However, as time passed, it became obvious that the two ex-lovers still had a spark, with Ari’s feelings for Mia steadily rising. All of this considering the fact that Ari was in a stable relationship with Mackenzie (Emily Weir), and the two were stronger than ever before Mia’s arrival.

Their love triangle has formally begun.

Ari and Mackenzie at their happiest.

Ari was recently forced to admit to Mackenzie that he doesn’t know where he and Mia stand, leaving her scared that she was about to lose her boyfriend. He demanded time and space to think things through, but Mackenzie further hurt Mia’s feelings by inviting her to the big Parata family BBQ while leaving her out in the cold.

When we return to Summer Bay this week, Ari and Mia become closer thanks to Chloe’s assistance. Chloe is determined to reunite her “parents,” and when her mother admits that being around her old lover is painful for her, Chloe realises that the feelings are reciprocal.


As a result, she arranges for the two of them to have dinner together. She suggests to Ari that they have a father-daughter bonding dinner to get some much-needed one-on-one time, while also recommending that her mother do the same.

Of course, both dinners are expected to take place at the Parata residence at the same time, and Chloe makes a hasty escape when Mia arrives for what she thought was an innocent dinner with her daughter.

Despite the fact that Ari has no idea what his “step-daughter” has planned, he makes the best of the situation. He persuades a hesitant Mia to stay, and the two have dinner together.

Mia regrets her ex when Mackenzie is alone in his house, but Ari has convinced himself not to break any rules. It’s just two friends who have dinner together. You can’t escape each other if you live in the same house, so what do you feel bad?


Ari is clearly after more, considering Mia’s good intentions. He agrees that for the whole decade he has been in prison he has been trying to forget her and that when he was released he wanted to continue living and protect his family.

Then Mia reappeared, and he’s not happy about it. Her presence has reminded him of how happy they were together, and he wishes for things to return to normal. Mia needs to intervene before he realises that if he’d known he’d never see her again, he would never have begun a new relationship.

Mia breaks down in tears and tells him that they’ll never happen. Ari is left heartbroken.

Mackenzie is now sitting around at Salt, waiting for Ari to make a decision. She despises herself for always wanting him – does she want to be the kind of woman who makes a man stay out of some sick sense of obligation? Why can’t she just be the first choice for someone?

Ari eventually realises that, even though Mia says she doesn’t want anything to do with him, he isn’t being fair to Mackenzie by stringing her along while his head is so messed up. He goes to her house and tells her the news she’s been dreading since Mia’s arrival: he’s ending their relationship.

She’s devastated, and she breaks into tears as soon as he walks away.


When Ziggy returns home, she discovers Mackenzie in a state of disarray. She’s taken aback when she learns about the breakup, but when Mackenzie admits that Ari ended things because of his feelings for Mia, Ziggy questions whether she wants to be with a guy who has feelings for someone else.

Dean, on the other hand, has a plan for Amber. Since Amber returned to town with Jai, the two newly reunited parents have been getting along swimmingly, and Amber has been temporarily living at Dean’s place as she looks for a more permanent home for herself and her son.

She is, however, having difficulty finding anything inside her budget due to a lack of funds. So Dean has the ideal solution: why doesn’t she just move in with him permanently?

Amber is taken aback by his suggestion and finds help from Willow. Willow has a million questions for Dean as she asks him about it – “What does Bella think of this?”

Dean is at a loss for words. He simply wants his son to live with him and believes that by giving Amber a place to stay, he is doing her a favour. But he hasn’t thought about what he wants for him and Amber in the future, or how she could interpret his bid.

Willow advises him, “If you want any chance of pulling this off, you need to be straightforward with her about what the deal is.” Can he take her advice and make it clear what he’s looking for?

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