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5 huge home and away questions after this week episodes


Spoilers from home and off follow from episodes in Australian space, which may have been avoided by certain UK viewers.

There was a renewed optimism this week at Home & Away in Australia that when Susie appeared to contact John, she could be caught.

Otherwise, the companion Allegra advised Nikau, while Roo was anxious about Alf’s health.

Here are five major questions with which we were left after the recent broadcasts from Australia.

  1. Are John and Leah fooled yet another time?

John and Leah do not give up a few weeks from their dramatic departures from the Summer Bay when they are looking for Susie desperately.

While Justin prudently stays away from it, Stephen, another victim of Susie, has helped John and Leah. Or is it? Or is it?

Fans on Twitter and forums continue to theorise Stephen, who persuaded John and Leah to recruit a private researcher to help find Susie. There is anything suspected. Curiously, Stephen thought of one particular PI and was glad that John agreed.

There was another potentially questionable reply from Stephen when John then received a text message which claimed to be from Susie. While John wanted to contact the police to trace Susie, Stephen recommended that they would not involve them and that the PI should deal with him.


Are John and Leah attracted by another person who should not be trusted? Or might Stephen be the first arrival to this year’s Summer Bay who is not a secret villain?

  1. Are we going to again see Susie?

When Susie departed from the Bay earlier this year, she had a compelling story of exit, but recent episodes left us wondering whether we saw the final one really.

John was astonished to get a text message claiming that he was “Mr. President” from Susie. In regard to his successful campaign for the surf club, he recalled how Susie had always called him thus.

Now, John and Leah hope that Susie’s newfound contact might assist them to pursue her and bring her to justice. Can we perceive, after all, that Susie gets her coming up, or is that only wonders?

  1. Is it a perilous route for Nikau?

Home and Away have begun exploring challenges in the modelling world, since Nikau feels under pressure. Model companion Allegra fuelled his misgivings by insisting on keeping fit.

Nikau was reluctant when he was handed a suppressor of appetites, particularly because he had no idea what he was about to put into his body and what the components would be.

Nikau chose to focus instead on fitness, but he pushed himself too hard to do several workouts a day. He also began to skip food and to lie about eating for his friends and family.

The week finished with Nikau choosing to eat a dinner with him or to take for the first time Allegra’s fast fix. Could this be the beginning of Nikau’s terrible path?

  1. Is the health of Alf endangered?

In the past few days, Alf has been under his own pressure and he has taken on numerous duties and jobs around the Bay.

The choice by Nikau to stop working at the bait shop and focus on full-time modelling compounded the situation because Alf was forced to spread thinly between his several duties.


Things arrived in Alf’s head when he was dizzy, to his daughter Roo’s great distress.

Alf fiercely repressed the fussing of Roo but afterwards admitted he needed extra assistance. Can Alf’s humorous turn be more than simply stress at work?

  1. Will Rachel step back Christian? 5.

By delaying their wedding at 11 o’clock Christian left tori sad. He decided to keep on aiding Rachel Young, a newbie who initially came to her aid after she had an airport skydiving accident.

Since when Rachel was in difficulty it was just a coincidence that Christian was at the airfield, he became fascinated with the notion of saving her. He declined to pass the case of Rachel to another surgeon at a hospital, convinced that his destiny was at work.

This made Christian much to the confusion and anguish of Tori from his scheduled marriage in Victoria.

The too zealous conduct of Christian is part of a broader transformation of life view, as he continues to seek a deeper significance in occurrences.

However, by the end of the week Rachel was even bewildered by Christian’s own marriage. Is it time to stand aside before the loss of Tori for eternity, Christian will realise?

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