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It’s a Summer Bay soiree! The cast of Home And Away undergo a very glam makeover for an upcoming black-tie scene – & fans are going crazy over it


They clean up nicely!

Summer Bay may be a laid-back beach town, but the fake postcode got a dose of serious A-list glitz this week!

On Thursday evening, the cast of Home And Away took to social media to share a series of behind-the-scenes photos from an upcoming black-tie sequence shot at the town’s restaurant Salt.

In a beautiful off-the-shoulder fuchsia pink dress, Sam Frost, who plays Jasmine on the programme, dominated the Summer Bay style stakes.


Lynne McGranger, a fan favourite, looked stunning in a beautiful red gown, which she paired with big silver earrings and a matching necklace.

In a sparkling pink gown, Ada Nicodemou’s character Leah shined.

Emily Symons, Georgie Parker, Emily Weir, James Stewart, and Shane Withington were among the other H&A stars who attended the shoot.

Lynne captioned this photo with Shane and Ada, Fun on set with my Summer Bay Buddies @adanicodemou #ShaneWithington #anotherfundayinthebay. (Photo credit: Instagram)
Georgie Parker and Emily Symons both looked stunning. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Lynne commented besides a behind-the-scenes selfie with Shane and Ada, Fun on set with my Summer Bay Buddies @adanicodemou #ShaneWithington #anotherfundayinthebay.


Emily Symons stands backstage with Georgie and Ada in another BTS moment. @adanicodemou @georgieparker, did someone say party, wondered the actress who plays Marilyn on the show.

Sam Frost also shared a photo of herself, James, Lynne, and Shane gathering around a table decked out in candles and champagne glasses to document the evening’s festivities.

Brb busy being fancy, wrote the former Bachelorette.

The sequences have sparked speculation that they could be for a forthcoming wedding on the show. (Photo credit: Instagram)

The fans were excited to see their favourite H&A stars clothed and rushed their post comment sections speculating that the costly occasion could be a future programme wedding.


Why is Shane dressed in a tuxedo? Please tell me it’s due of John and Marilyn’s remarriage. xxx, inquired one enquirer.

Another wrote, Hmmmm, I’m thinking of having my wedding in the bay instead of Melbourne.

The wedding reception of Tori and Christian was taped today. A third wondered if the wedding had been filmed last week.

After the doctor decided to heal Rachel instead of attending his marriage Tori and Christian who live in Summer Bay had to call off their wedding. However, might these images demonstrate that the couple actually went into the alley?

Indeed, the upcoming season of the popular soap will be jam-packed with drama.

According to series producer Lucy Addario, the year 2021 in the show is all about new beginnings.


She stated that at its core, the show is about love.

A wedding is a must-see; there will be pregnancies and fresh faces. And there will be events that wreak havoc on the Bay.

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