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11 Most Exceptional and important Home and Away spoilers for next week

Home and Away episodes next week see that Tane’s behaviours are jeopardising his family though Colby and Taylor are appalled at their disclosure.

Angelo is also faced with a big option, pursuing a mystery witness to give Colby evidence.

Here is a complete list of eleven great moments coming to you.

1. Tane realises he’s in danger

Ziggy and Willow come back from a quest to get rid of the recently-held robbed van in the garage and residence of Astoni. The news of the van is extremely worrying for Tane, since the car was hidden behind panels in a costly supply of narcotics.

Tane now owes money to violent criminals with the drugs gone and definitely not comeback. They will be contacted, of course, and they will ask Tane to pay $25,000 – with a strict two-day deadline.

2. Mackenzie is threatened by a stranger 

If Tane shows no signs that his enemies will pay up on time, they are not afraid to reveal their presence. At the closing time in Salt, the chief drug dealer pays a provocative visit to Mackenzie.

Mackenzie is concerned when the man commands her to give an ominous message to Tane – it’s time to stop.

3. Tane fights with his enemies

The drug trafficker and his gang visit the Parata house to confront him, Tane fails his deadline. The thugs in front of the garden are all in danger and Ari, Nikau, Mackenziel, Bella, Ryder know they are all at risk.

Ari goes out courageously to warn them, but the situation doesn’t calm him down. Things turn violent quickly and push Tane and Ari to protect themselves physically.

When the awful situation happens, Ryder struggles to hold on to his nerve, so he call the police secretly. Soon after, Colby and a team of police officers came to the station to justify themselves to all of the guys – including the Paratas.

4. Bella gives Colby a warning

Colby sneaks with Taylor, but the lovers are stopped when Bella warns that Angelo knows their business already. At first the pair refuses the assumption, that if Angelo had discovered the fact, he would have met them.

Subsequently, Colby sneaked into the office of Angelo and ran his files to see how much he had been aware of the murder of Ross. However, when Angelo goes in, and catches him in the act, his sneaky act fires back.

5. Angelo confronts Colby and Taylor

As he sees Colby in his office, Angelo drops the act to let him realise that he really knows the matter. Taylor interrupts the row and is shocked at her fling exposure.

Afterwards, Colby is wary of Angelo’s knowledge of the affair and the exact time he took to apprehend him. He attaches finally to Taylor’s new necklace and discovers that there must be a recording bug inside it.

Colby rips Taylor’s necklace at the cove, just as she asks him to tell her whether Ross has been killed or not. Angelo is upset because Colby throws the collar into the sea before he gets any reply.

6. Angelo faces a decision over the case

Later Angelo approaches the Police Force’s supervisors and asks for prosecution and charges Colby for the murder of Ross. He indicates that a new witness has released a statement against Colby containing critical details.

Angelo’s case may also be worse because it’s heavily hearsay but he is accountable for his risk at this point. Angelo’s case is said to be much stronger. What is Angelo going to want to do?

7. Roo returns to Summer Bay alone

Roo is back on her journey with Owen, but she’s all alone confusing her friends and family. When the pair left Summer Bay, all seemed fine but their relationship seems to have gone wrong over the years.

Roo adds to the suspense by refusing to speak at all of Owen, nor by sharing any specifics of the journey. Marilyn and Leah are attempting to obtain some answers, but Roo is hard to crack.

8. Amber’s decision leaves Dean devastated

After he kidnapped Jai, Amber returns to the Bay to speak to Dean. Dean thinks that Amber gives him another chance, but Amber privately asks how they will ever move on with what happened when she’s alone with Willow.

Later that week, Dean visits Amber’s house and finds that everything that she and Jai have.

When a distraught Dean tries to call Amber, she reveals that she left Jai in the near future. She pledges to let Jai decide to contact Dean when he’s older.

9. Justin suffers a shock collapse

Once he falls home, Justin’s health remains cause for concern. Leah, Tori and Christian all face harsh fights to persuade Justin to go to the hospital again.

Justin goes to the Northern Districts to get him tested, but he doesn’t remain at home for long. Tori is angry about this and challenges the decision of Christian to release him, creating tensions between the new couple.

10. Colby opposes Bella’s decision to move

When Bella relocates in a few days, he decides to join Nikau. She keeps Colby out of the dark, but hears about her scheduled farewell party when he arrives.

Colby faces Nikau and accuses him of exerting pressure on Bella to leave Summer Bay. He threatens to stop the transfer, but Nikau warns in private that he knows the truth about the death of Ross.

Nikau threatens to keep Colby from intervening if he knows what’s good for him. Bella shared and confronted her with Bella, Colby’s horrified.

11. Alf and Martha’s marriage comes under strain

Over Roo’s privacy with Owen Alf and Martha bicker. Alf would like to know what is happening exactly, but Martha encourages him to respect the privacy of his daughter.

A further problem occurs when Alf pressure Martha to sell her house in Merimbula, but she refuses to give it a foundation because she values her freedom. Will this be decided by the bickering couple?

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