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All the information you need to know about Home and Away’s Cast

Summer Bay is a busy place to be, since it never really stops in Home and Away.

While retaining the characters can be difficult, we have a helpful guide below to give you all the details.

Please read the critical cast list for Home and Away.

Christian Green (Ditch Davey)

Dr. Chris is at home, and his elusive doctor’s pocket has plenty of secrets. In November 2020, Actor Davey told Digital Spy how “things follow him that he even doesn’t know.” We can’t wait to see for the newcomer what is in store.

Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo)

Nikau’s father was shot and killed by police at his younger age in scenes which occurred off-screen. He arrived with his uncles at Summer Bay in 2020 and already sent a stream of hearts. At the moment, Nikau dates Bella Nixon and Ryder Jackson’s best friends.

Tane Parata (Ethan Browne)

Tane and the rest of the Parata family arrived in 2020. He’s Ariki’s brother and Nikau’s uncle.
Ariki Wiremu Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams)

He is the head of the Parata Family and Started in 2020 at summer bay. He is Tane’s Brother.

Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman)

Another arrival in 2017, Ziggy was also considered to be a little troublesome and she was seen to run away from her early stories. Ziggy was with Brody in a relationship that his father, Ben, definitely did not embrace but the couple went on marrying nevertheless. The troubling relationship never was meant to be and has separated since. Ziggy has been with Dean Thompson at the moment.

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir)

Last year, Mackenzie, Dean Thompson’s half-sister, came to Summer Bay and now owns the Salt Restaurant. In a fine, old-fashioned soap opera, Dean did not realise that when she met, she was his sister and it was a shock. Formerly with Colby, Mackenzie demonstrated the difficulties of being trapped in the siege in the hospital, so that Belle who was in need of urgent medical assistance could be taken into hostage.

Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons)

In 1989, the long-standing cast was seen for the first time. This is Symon’s third long stint to play Marilyn’s character and is also the longest stint to start in 2010. Marilyn, the former Mrs Flathead (we miss you, Fisher), was the focus of so many stories in the years and recently we saw her marriage, John and the two, by encouraging children in need of support, a well-loved home and away tradition.

Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost)

Arriving in late 2017, Jasmine is a nurse and has been presented as a “spirited Australian girl,” and during her time on this show she has had a romantic share of love interests, with Colby Thorne, Mason Morgan and Robbo, all of them. She had a stalker, a car crash that killed Kat Chapman and a traumatic childhood that saw her left fostering after her mom’s death and her father leaving her.

Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts)

In 2017 (like many others on the list), personal trainer Willow joined the group and soon she became part of a relationship with Justin Morgan. After some gang pain, the relationship ended and she rejoined Dean Thompson, her former flame. She’s currently in the hospital with Alex Neilson. When Willow found herself addicted to play, something that eventually saw her rob and borrow to survive, she fell in tough times.

Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich)

When you arrived, Ryder was launched in 2017 as another bad guy, crimes and trouble caused before Alf Stewart took him under his wing and put him on a better course. He had an on-off relationship with Coco Astoni and in some time Summer Bay’s first homosexual character, Ty Anderson, was kissing, an unmistakable kiss who showed him a real mature side. Latest scenes have seen Jasmine sleep together and say she has done so against her will, as a reproach plot shows her character character accused of sexual crime.

Justin Morgan (James Stewart)

As Justin is arriving in 2016, he’s a mechanic with some temper, who joined him and was a “leader of the household” alongside his siblings. He was once a hero to save his life, and after the murder of his parent in the hands of a narcotics syndicate he and his siblings were initially experiencing safety. He was held in hostage, shot, stabbed and engaged in a plane crash. He had several relations with Willow. It’s been a very dramatic few years for him, it would be certain to say.

Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee)

Justin’s sister has suffered many of the horrors he suffered as a result of the murder of his parents and subsequent terror by the drugs union. In 2018, she wanted to become a mother and the treatment of her fertility was a part of her story. Martin ashford, Nate Cooper and Duncan Stewart were part of her relationships, but it was Robbo she asked to be her child’s father. He chose he couldn’t go through it again after the pregnancy failed. But she had a daughter, Grace, finally.

Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller)

At the end of 2018, Bella, who had been sheltered but bold, is Colby’s younger half-sister and since her arrival at Summer Bay is the focus of a great deal of drama. Some of her best stories include Tommy O’Reilly’s sexual harassment attempt, Irene Roberts’ lucky redemption and a long-term rivalry with Mackenzie Booth. She had obtained a diagnosis of tetanus and did not hesitate to take advantage of her disease.

John Palmer (Shane Withington)

John has been on Home and Away for yet another long time since 2009 and was considered to be a little angry at first. Over time, though, he has groomed and started to reveal a funnier side. The couple now support children, Marilyn Chambers’ husband. John has more work, including a lifeguard, councillor, surf club manager, and a bus tour guide than you can shake a rock!

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