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Some really tempting scenes of Ziggy And Tane from Home and Away 2021


There are certainly things in Summer Bay heating up.
Sophie Dillman and Ethan Browne were Also seen in the lip locking  scene.  while Sam Frost and her co-star Luke Arnold were sharing a steamy kiss on the Home and Away set.


The stars couldoe in loved scenes for their long-lasting soap on Sydney’s Palm Beach.

A pale blue beach towel was rolled up in her waist, Sophie, aged 27, who plays Ziggy Astoni, showed her beautiful character in an army and a pink designer bikini.
She seemed to have a light makeup in beachy waves, her long blonde locks were styled.

Ethan, 28, who is playing Tane’s film series, showed off his bulging biceps and wash board abs while he was gone topless to the scene.


The hunky actor also put a pair of marines and light blue boardshorts with a customized towel.

Ethan and Sophie appeared to be in good spirits, chatting and laughing when they filmed the steamy makeout session.

The co-stars shared a mouth in a park before going down to the beach with Sarah Roberts, who plays personal trainer Willow.

The 35-year-old displayed her balanced physique in a pair of black fitness shorts and a shining yellow tank top.


Her look matched red sneakers and she was tied to her dark silky locks in a ponytail.

The actress appeared to be filming scenes for a training class on the beach because she was pictured with various workout equipment.

It was an exciting day for Sarah, who after an armchair swap appeared to be filming a second scene.

For a little skirt made of black leather, and a blue bra, she changed her training clothes.


The stunner had loose hair and appeared to have natural maquillage.

Between images, she was pictured chatting with Sophie, who put on her swimmers’ blue dressing gown.

After production was forced to stop in May because of a coronavirus pandemic, Home and Away resumed shooting for a total of 7 weeks.

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