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Bridie Carter reveals her devastation over recent flood disaster


As the state fights a once-in-a-100-year storm, many people and farmers in New South Wales have been forced to endure torrential downpours and flooding over the last week.

She was one of the many farmers who were battling the elements, as the actress Bridy Carter who lives in North NSW has discovered.

The Home and Away star said she was one of the people currently coping with the full force of the adverse weather in the Byron Bay area on The Morning Show this week.

“I am one of those farmers,” Bridie confessed, “but thank goodness the majority of my land is very high.”

“It’s devastating,” Bridie Carter said of her experience with the NSW floods.

Floods have wreaked havoc in many areas over the last week, with the NSW State Emergency Service responding to 9,700 requests for assistance and completing 870 flood rescues.

It’s not the first time the former McLeod’s Daughters actress has had to deal with a natural disaster in her Lismore, NSW, home.

Currently, the former McLeod’s Daughters actress is starring in Home and Away (pictured right with co-star Emily Symons, left).

Her life was soon threatened once more as the pandemic forced everyone to go into lockdown.

“It had all turned into a huge construct into COVID, and it was terrifying,” she said.


“My industry came to a halt; shooting ceased, theatres went dark, and no one knew when it would reopen. That is my source of income, and that is how I support my family.”

Though Bridie now calls her farm home, she has spent most of her time filming her new role on Home and Away in Palm Beach, Sydney.

Susie’s web of deception is about to be revealed in Summer Bay this week. On those popular sandy beaches, there’s never a dull moment!

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