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10 upcoming and huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Ari’s love triangle takes a turn, and Nikau and his friends find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Ari will make a decision about his love triangle in next week’s episodes of Home and Away, but a twist in the story could still change things.

In the meantime, thugs abduct Nikau and his parents, and Susie plots and schemes in her interactions with John.

Here’s a complete list of the top ten upcoming events.


1. Ari brings it to a close with Mac.

Chloe’s dinner is planned for Ari and Mia. For Mia, it is awkward because she still feels as though she is disconnected from the time of Ari and Mac.

At the same time, Mac is becoming frustrated with waiting for Ari’s response after he requested a break to figure out what he wants.

Finally, Ari pays a visit to Mac and tells her that he is ending their relationship. Mac is heartbroken by the news.

2. Mac announces her pregnancy.

Mac is in tears, while Ziggy and Tane are coming home overnight. After Mac reveals that Ari broke with her, Tane chooses to check on his brother while ziggy focuses on Mac soothing.


During their conversation, Mac tells Ziggy that she’s expecting a child. She has just recently learned this and isn’t far along, so she must now make a significant decision about her future.

Mac is hesitant to share the news with Ari and swears her friend to secrecy for the time being, as Ziggy encourages her.

3. Mia learns about Ari’s major decision.

When Ari persists in seeking to spend time with her, Mia offers him the cold shoulder. Mia is still afraid of becoming ‘the other woman,’ but when she runs into Mac again, she is surprised to learn that Ari has remarried.

Mia visits Ari at the Parata residence to ask him about his decision. Ari maintains that breaking up with Mac was the right decision, but will Mia succumb to his charms as a result?


4. Nikau and his companions are abducted.

Nikau and Bella are starting to get irritated because of the endless battles between Ryder and Chloe so that they decide to get along together as a group. While it doesn’t work, Ryder and Chloe agree to start to behave as they want to please Nikau and Bella.

The young people take a shocking turn when a gang of buggies emerge from a truck and abduct them all. Who’s guilty of that?

5. Alf is enraged by Susie and John.

In their plans to elect the president of the surf club, John and Susie are both working. In the hopes of moving the electorate, John accepts Susie’s proposal for a dinner at Salt.

Roo assumes Alf should come to keep an eye on the competition, but he declines. When John pitches his plans for the Surf Club’s future, Roo visits Alf’s place and is unimpressed.

Roo scrutinises John’s plans, which raises pricing issues. Before discrediting Alf, he successfully defends himself by saying that he is too concerned with his other tasks to concentrate properly.

The next day, Roo informs Alf of John’s antics, and Alf is furious that his so-called friend will act in this manner. When John attempts to diffuse the situation by shaking his opponent’s hand, Alf dismisses him and leaves him hanging.


6. John and Alf find out who won.

The Surf Club results are declared for Alf as a bad news. Thanks to the help of Susie, John won. Finally Alf agrees to be the bigger and shakes the hand of John, whom John gives in his voice by thanking Alf.

When Marilyn sees Alf’s struggle with the loss, she is furious with John. Marilyn tries to tell John what’s on her mind, but Susie defends him and makes Marilyn back off.

7. Christian is given the opportunity to defend himself.

Christian also finds out that Lewis is responsible for his wife’s death, Anna. He cannot remember the details of the incident, so in order to clear his name, he looks at them. Christian finally remembered Anna and was surprised when he learned that at her death she was pregnant.

The next day, Christian encounters Lewis and finally gets the opportunity to explain itself. He shows that he operated bravely during the operation to save Anna’s life and hoped that when he left the hospital, he would be okay.

While Anna worsened after leaving Christian, the documents show that he was unable to do anything to save her.

Christian apologises for forgetting about Anna at first, thinking that this will help to put things right with Lewis. Lewis is troubled by the fact that Christian has apologised, realising that his adversary is not the haughty egomaniac he had imagined over the past two years.

8. Jasmine chooses to leave Robbo behind.

Jasmine and Lewis share a passionate kiss after Jasmine helps Lewis through his tough day. Jasmine is ecstatic about her new relationship and tells Willow about it.

After, Jasmine removes her wedding ring as she plans to move on from her late fiancée Robbo after agreeing to a proper date with Lewis.

9. Amber and Jai are relocating to the Bay.

Having agreed to give Dean another opportunity to prove his good daddy, Amber returns to Summer Bay for Jai. Amber and Jai take great priority in locating their local homes, but Dean offers to let her move to his pier apartment when they hear of her difficulties.

It’s a contract that doesn’t have any strings attached, says Dean, and Amber will move to Jai’s room with Colby. Dean is glad to have Jai in his life again, and Amber accepts that.

10. Martha decides what to do next.

Martha relies on Irene how Roo and Alf suffocated her from the lack of Kieran. Irene invites Martha to confess the truth to Alf.

Martha then asks Alf to help her find a private space where she can without interruption draw, paint and read.

Alf is happy to let Martha run one of the buses of the caravan park. Martha’s true motives become clear as she loads the caravan with clothes, toiletries and food.

Martha calls Kieran and informs him that she has arranged for him to return to the Bay without anyone knowing.

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