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Home And Away’s Patrick O’Connor calls out “toxic” behaviour towards women


Last week, as part of the Women’s March, thousands of Australians took to the streets to demand gender equality and greater action against sexual abuse.

As the crowd rallied and demanded reform, one message was repeated over and over again on posters and chanted by supporters: This is a men’s issue, not a women’s issue.

Men are the criminals and they must take their own behaviour as well as their fellow man’s acts and take action.

Patrick O’Connor, who plays Dean on Home And Away, has not only repeated but also acted on this sentiment.


“I’m saddened and ashamed at the same time because I know this behaviour is still prevalent in our society because I was there.”

“I’ve seen first-hand that the boys’ attitude is unhealthy…” Instagram is a website that makes social media

“To the youngsters at school who struggle with their own masculinity… since I was there, I understand.

Patrick spoke of his beautiful lives, including Sophie, Home and Away’s co-star (left). Instagram: Instagram

The 27 year-old then spoke to his mother, a girlfriend and a wife, a colleague Home And Away Star Sophie Dillman about the incredible ladies in his life, before voicing his “nice, anger, disrespect” to someone who was disrespectful or disrespecting them.

“We wouldn’t be anything without the women in our lives. The source should be stopped. It starts by inculcating early boys that behaviour like that doesn’t have a place in their life “He was penning


Patrick finished with a clear call to action that all men should take.

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