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When are Kylie and Jason returning to Neighbours – and, who else is coming back?


Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan will return to Neighbours to record scenes before the Channel 5 series is cancelled for good.

The Australian soap Neighbours will be cancelled this year due to a lack of funding. The show’s production will end in June, with the remaining episodes airing until the conclusion.

While long-time fans will be saddened by the news, several famous faces will return to Ramsay Street to record scenes and say their final goodbyes before the programme concludes.

We look at Kylie and Jason’s homecoming and who else is confirmed to return…


Will Kylie and Jason return to Neighbours?

Kylie and Jason will return to Neighbours for the last episode, 8,903, on August 1, 2022. The show’s chief producer announced their return.

Jason Herbison confirmed Charlene Mitchell and Scott Robinson’s return on Twitter. “Scott and Charlene are the ultimate Neighbours couple and it would feel wrong to end the show without them,” he tweeted. We are happy Jason and Kylie have returned home for our series finale.

And he said, “I’m confident it will be for our viewers.”

A script illustration shared by Kylie and Jason purports to confirm their involvement with the show. “Who else is banging out #angryanderson yep #suddenly…” Kylie wrote.


Jason just tagged Kylie “@kylieminogue” in the same photo.

And fans are ecstatic.

Unbelievably excited, one fan said, “Can’t wait for this epic ending with these two legends back Scott and Charlene

“I can’t even cope!” said another. @kylieminogue @JDonOfficial.


What happened to Kylie and Jason?

Kylie and Jason left in 1988 and 1989. When onscreen lovers Charlene and Scott got married, the broadcast drew two million viewers in Australia — and 20 million in the UK.

Kylie left the show first in 1988 to pursue a music career, while Jason left the following year to pursue a singing career. A new contract with Network Ten reportedly allowed Jason to depart the show earlier than his prior contract allowed.

They’ve both had successful pop careers since then.

We had no clue how large the programme would become and how deeply people would take it to heart,” Kylie tweeted when the news broke. Love! My mind keeps repeating “CHARLENE!!!! It was a sad period yet one to be grateful for. So, I think it’s time to celebrate Neighbours. To be honest, it’s kept my family busy for years! My daughter and dad are in it. It has provided Australia actors, producers, writers, and directors.

Who’s returning to Neighbours?

Aside from Kylie and Jason, Olympia Valance is returning to film the final episode. She played Paige Smith for four years before leaving the show in 2018. “Neighbours has always seemed like home to me,” Olympia told Greek publication Neos Kosmos. “Neighbours is the best training field in the world for a reason.”

News of the show’s cancellation made her “very heartbroken” after losing its main UK broadcast partner Channel 5.


“I grew up on Neighbours…

‘It’s an honour to reprise Paige’s role as Australia says goodbye to its most beloved television show,’ she added.

But Olympia didn’t say if her half-sister and Neighbours veteran Holly Valance will be accompanying her in the finale.

In addition to Guy Pearce, Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth, it is unclear if they will return. Keep an eye out for more names.

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