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Home and Away – who is newcomer Rose Delaney?


The long-running drama has now debuted a second new regular character on UK screens, making it a busy week for new newcomers.

Rose Delaney, Xander’s sister, made her debut appearance in Thursday’s 5STAR first-look episode, hot on his heels (May 5).

Following their father’s death, Rose and Xander have arrived in town, turning Jasmine’s life upside down as she now has to deal with two siblings she had no idea existed.

Everything you need to know about Rose is right here.


Who is Rose Delaney?

Rose is the half-sister of Xander Delaney, who was recently introduced. Following the death of his father, also named Alexander, Xander has come in the Bay.

The elder Alexander was Jasmine’s estranged father, who abandoned her when she was six years old by forgetting to pick her up from school. Jasmine was raised by foster parents after her mother perished in a car accident the year before.

Rose and Xander have the same mother, but their biological fathers are different. This means Rose and Jasmine aren’t biologically related, but we’ll watch them begin to build a sisterly bond in the coming weeks.

When Rose first saw Jasmine in the most recent episode, she joked: “As if one half-sibling wasn’t enough of a shock, right?


“Well, technically [we’re] not related, but Xander and I have the same mother, and you and Xander have the same father, so…”

“Rose, please stop talking,” Xander interjected.

Jasmine’s existence was just recently uncovered by Rose and Xander at the older Alexander’s will reading. Despite the fact that Alexander hadn’t seen Jasmine since she was six years old, he’d named her as a beneficiary of his estate.

These facts will be tough for Jasmine to accept because she had always assumed she was an only child. She also finds it difficult to believe that Alexander had a nice life with another family in the years after he abandoned her.


What happens next for Rose on Home and Away?

Rose has travelled to the Bay with Xander to finalise the details of her stepfather’s will.

Both siblings want Alexander’s final wishes to be honoured, which means Jasmine will receive her part of the family fortune. Jasmine, on the other hand, is wary of accepting any money from the man who abandoned her without explanation.

Rose and Xander have very different ideas on how to deal with Jasmine, as UK viewers will learn in the coming days.

Xander is eager in getting to know Jasmine, while Rose wants to finish the formalities and depart Summer Bay.

Rose changes her mind and agrees to stay with Jasmine permanently only after Jasmine’s lover Cash intervenes. Cash advises her not to abandon Jasmine as Alexander did so many years ago.

In the future, police officer Rose will join the Yabbie Creek police department, where she will work closely with Cash.


Rose isn’t used to the more routine parts of small-town policing, which presents some early obstacles.

In the long run, we’ll have to wait and watch how the new Delaney team fare without Jasmine, as Sam Frost wrapped filming on the role at the end of last year.

Who is Rose from Home and Away?

Kirsty Marillier, an actor and award-winning dramatist, portrays Rose.

Kirsty is a member of the Sydney Theatre Company’s Emerging Writers Group. She had previously been in the Melbourne version of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child before joining Home and Away.

Kirsty said when her Home and Away casting was announced last November: “I’m incredibly honoured to be named a series regular on Home and Away. I recall fantasising of a sunny utopia while watching this icon-of-a-show in high school – it’s odd to have this become my reality.

“I hope UK audiences adore Rose as much as I do, and that in 2022, they get to know her intimately as she uncovers mysteries and embraces the Bay.”

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