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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week (March 21 to 25)


The aftermath from the River Bend crisis continues next week on Neighbours, with a face from Gareth’s past threatening to cause more issues.

Meanwhile, Glen discovers that his history is creeping up on him.

Here are ten spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. Glen has a hard time with Kiri around

Kiri’s arrival in Erinsborough throws Glen for a loop, and despite the fact that he is relieved to learn that she is in town to see Nicolette, he remains apprehensive.


But that’s nothing compared to Glen’s reaction when he learns that Kiri is considering making a permanent move to the area.

Glen realises that he can’t ignore Kiri and Nicolette forever, but how long will he be able to keep his secret that he is her biological father?

2. Freya is under increasing pressure

Just because Gareth is no longer in the way doesn’t mean Freya’s life will be any easier – far from it.

Following Freya and David’s decision to leave Gareth to die, David is crumbling under the weight of their actions, and Freya is attempting to contain the damage. However, she is under increasing pressure from all sides.


Kyle expresses his feelings towards Freya, while Chloe appears to be on the fence about letting her move into number 24. Will Freya’s situation start to improve?

3. Terese needs to make an impression on Mick

Montana Marcel’s Fashion Week is just around the corner, and Lassiters intends to go all out to make it a memorable week.

Terese and Chloe need to impress Montana, and one of the best ways to do so is to please her assistant, who happens to be none other than Mick Allsop.

Mick isn’t about to make it easy for Terese to win him over, given his background at Lassiters and with the people of Erinsborough…


4. Nicolette’s history catches up with her

Nicolette is overjoyed that Kiri has arrived in town, and she expects that the two will be able to date — at least until Glen intervenes.

Glen tells Kiri about Nic’s problematic past behaviour, which she finds difficult to listen to.

When Nicolette loses her cool after learning what Glen did, she does not help herself, which only drives Kiri further away. Glen’s ruse to keep his truth hidden appears to be working for the time being, but how long will his luck last?

5. Ned and Harlow’s relationship remains tense

River Bend was a fascinating place for a number of people, and while Ned and Harlow managed to dodge the most perilous part of the journey, they ended up lost, alone, and a long way from where they started.

Things between Harlow and Ned are strained now that Amy is back with Ned, so Harlow makes preparations to travel to London to clear her thoughts.

Despite Harlow’s protests that she is not departing because of Ned, the tension is palpable, and she goes with nothing settled and the friendship on a knife’s edge.


6. Freya and David’s situation deteriorates

After what happened to Gareth, David and Freya will have another interview with the coroner, and it appears that David will snap under pressure at any time.

With that hanging over their heads, the last thing they need is more worry, but Emma, Gareth’s girlfriend, provides just that.

Emma is suspicious of Gareth’s death and refuses to believe that there was nothing the two of them could have done to help him. Worse, she makes it apparent that she holds them responsible for his death and that she seeks retribution.

7. Ned is concerned about Amy’s baby plans

With Roxy in full baby-making mode, Amy is left to ponder the circumstances that led to her having children, as well as whether she wants another.

Amy, ever impetuous, quickly decides that she does, in fact, want a new kid, and her chat with Ned is unsettling for him.

He is well aware that they have only recently rekindled their relationship, and she is unable to divert his attention away from it long enough for him to consider it. Will Amy’s desire for a child cause a rift between them?

8. Is Fashion Week already gone before it starts?

Montana’s Protection Lassiters’ top priority is Marcel’s Fashion Week, and Terese and Chloe are desperate to pull it off – but that requires listening to Mick.

Mick, on the other hand, isn’t known for being the most trustworthy of individuals, and his ideas soon lead to Montana being presented with something that is, to put it mildly, obnoxious.

Montana is plainly upset, and the only way to save the day now is a last-minute scramble, but will they be able to pull it off?

9. Curtis tries to assist Shannon

Aubrey found herself dealing with the effects of the fire at Erinsborough High School, and she now confronts homeschooling.

Curtis becomes involved, but quickly realises that something is wrong with Aubrey’s grandma and that she may require hearing aids. Aubrey, on the other hand, is eager to move the topic along and appears defensive when questioned.

Curtis, on the other hand, is certain that something is wrong and continues to investigate, but what is it that Aubrey is concealing?

10. David makes an attempt to move on

David is in desperate need of his friends and family right now, and they can sense that something is seriously wrong with him. He finally unloads some of his problems on Aaron, who vows to be there for him when the tension becomes unbearable.

Nicolette and Jane are the same way, making it plain that they will be there for him anytime he needs them. For the time being, everything appear to be going well for David, but how long will this last?

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