Sunday, November 19, 2023

Neighbours spoilers: Hendrix Grayson diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in heartbreaking scenes


In Neighbours, Hendrix Grayson (Benny Turland) was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.

He’s had a bad cough for a few weeks, which he mistook for a cold.

The cough has lingered, and on Thursday’s (May 5) episode of the Channel 5 soap, he was battling to breathe after another coughing spell.

Mackenzie Harvgreaves (Georgie Stone) escorted her beau to the hospital.


Hendrix tried to calm Mackenzie, but it was evident he was more worried than he let on.

When he got the call that his test results were in, he ran to the hospital, eager to find out what was wrong.

The doctor told him he has sarcoidosis, which is generally treatable.

However, the sarcoidosis has progressed to pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease caused by damage to lung tissue.


Hendrix was surprised by the diagnosis and asked the doctor about treatment.

The doctor told him there was no cure for the illness and that his only alternative was a lung transplant.

Will Hendrix accept this news?

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