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Terminally ill Johnny Ruffo vows to be alive for emotional Christmas arrival: ‘He is everything to me’



In addition to disclosing the deeply personal reason he expects to survive until Christmas, Johnny Ruffo has opened up about his terminal cancer diagnosis.

The former Home and Away star is sharing his tale in a memoir that was published on Tuesday, warts and all, after spending years in the spotlight.

In an exclusive new interview, the musician, who is battling brain cancer, also expressed his expectations for the future.

The 34-year-old disclosed exclusively to 7Entertainment that receiving the fatal prognosis has given him a new objective for his health.


To see his brother and “best buddy,” who has been living in Ireland for the past three years, Ruffo hopes to make it to Christmas.

Ruffo and his brother Michael are “thick as thieves,” despite having a two-year age difference.

“I think it’s just time now. More time spent with family,” Ruffo said when asked what his biggest wishes were.

I haven’t seen my brother in three years, but he’s coming home for Christmas, and I can’t wait to see him, because he now lives in Ireland.


“My hero.”
Other than his partner Tahnee Sims, Ruffo claimed that his brother was his “closest” confidant.

We are as shrewd as thieves. He is truly my hero and everything to me. And I’m really excited to see him,” he added.

I’m not sure how I’m going to respond, but I can’t wait since he’s everything.

Throughout COVID and his second struggle with cancer, Ruffo discussed the brothers’ long-distance relationship, calling Michael’s physical absence “the most visible impact” of it all.


In his book, Ruffo described his most recent family Christmas as “extremely calm and low-key.”

Sadly, WhatsApp was the only method of communication he had with his brother in Ireland.

Despite the humour, I really miss him because, of all the men in my life, my brother is the only one who can see me even more clearly than I can.

Ruffo stated that he “still has so many things that I want to achieve and that I want to do in life” when asked about what he plans to do with his remaining time.

No Finish Line, he explained, meant that it “wasn’t the end.”


Making every effort possible
“I know the cancer is terminal, but you know, I’m going to do everything I can and I’m doing everything I can right now to kick its a**,” the patient said.


giving his objectives The 34-year-old said he intends to continue with music, put himself forward for acting jobs, and pursue presenting.

Just what I was doing before, he said.


In reference to his 2017 diagnosis, he remarked, “I felt like I was just kicking goals and I just couldn’t miss and then all of a sudden this the ceiling came crashing down.”

“Like, God dammit, everything just kind of stopped,” I said.

“And I was really it was going so well, I felt as though everything that I wanted to achieve, I was achieving.

I feel as though I am ready to resume where I left off because “everything was just going in the correct direction for me.”

“Always tired”
Ruffo gave an update on his health, stating that he is “quite good” and now undergoing chemotherapy once more. He described the procedure as “not fun.”

I always feel exhausted, and even just climbing a flight of stairs makes me want to fall asleep by the time I reach the top.

Ruffo claimed that his chemotherapy injections are being administered every three weeks.

No Finish Line: The Johnny Ruffo Story, Ruffo’s book, is currently for sale.

Play Video Johnny Ruffo talks about his fertility while battling cancer

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