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Home and Away veteran Christie Hayes reveals the moment she knew she landed her dream role on the soap


Christie Hayes, a former Home and Away actor, has talked about the audition process she underwent to get her part on the venerable Australian soap show.

The 35-year-old claimed her favourite memory of getting the role of Kirsty Sutherland was an emotional phone call with her mother, which she recalled in an interview with Dan & Christie on Hit100.9.

After eight months of auditions, screen tests, and call-backs, she stated that she received a call from her mother, who addressed her as “Kirsty,” confirming that she had been hired.

I shrieked as my mother exclaimed, “You’ve got it,” after it finally dawned on me, she continued.


As she recounted the phone call, the soap star broke down in tears and claimed it was a priceless moment she would never forget.

“I’m not crying because I saw Home and Away,” you may say. She sobbed, “I’m crying because that is a memory I will have of my mother for the rest of my life.

Christie claimed Britney Spears was supposed to make a surprise appearance on the soap opera back in 2001, among other behind-the-scenes details, last month.

However, she claimed that one extremely well-known cast member, Ray Meagher, was upset about the choice to have the pop star appear on the programme.


Do any cast members oppose to Britney Spears appearing on Home and Away?, our producer Russell announced during a cast meeting. She laughed and added, “Everyone said, “Yes.”

Meagher, who has played the character of Alf Stewart on the show since 1988, expressed worry that her appearance “would shatter the illusion of the show.”

Christie, on the other hand, was optimistic about the American singer joining the show and eager to shoot a scene with her.

Sadly, due to increased travel and security concerns following the September 11 attacks, the Princess of Pop withdrew.


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