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Tarot readings, drunken kisses and fits of rage: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


This week on Home and Away, a lot of characters will face challenges and shocks. Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) decides to pursue modelling and immediately realises that he is out of his element during his first photoshoot. Tane (Ethan Browne) is taken aback when a drunken Mackenzie (Emily Weir) arrives at the house and attempts to kiss him.

Tori (Penny McNamee) struggles to understand Christian (Ditch Davey) when he discloses he remembers events from when he was clinically dead, while Jasmine (Sam Frost) decides to undertake a tarot card reading and is troubled by what she learns.

Here’s what’s on Home and Away for the week starting Monday, May 31.

Nikau struggles with his first photoshoot in the city


Nikau hesitantly accepts Sienna’s offer to become a model from a large city agent, but Ari and Mia quickly figure out why he agreed: Sienna has thrown in an internship for Bella with a top photographer. The young couple travels into the city, and Sienna is dissatisfied that Nikau has brought his girlfriend with him. When the shooting starts, Nikau quickly realises he’s out of his element, and the strain grows until he snaps and storms out…

Christian reveals he remembers events while he was dead

Tori and Christian are concentrating on their wedding preparations, with Christian wanting to get started as soon as possible, recommending a date in three weeks. Despite Tori’s best efforts, Christian soon spills the beans to Marilyn and Irene in the Diner. Christian later decides to join Tori in a yoga session, but he is interrupted by flashbacks. He informs Tori later that he remembers what happened during the trauma with Lewis, despite the fact that he was clinically dead…

Mackenzie loses it and throws her customers out of Salt


Ryder and Chloe realise that life isn’t as enjoyable without money, so Ryder travels to Salt to speak with Mackenzie about regaining his job. When Chloe returns home and informs Tane of their plans, he advises against it and behaves evasively until Chloe finally forces him to reveal the truth about why Mackenzie fired her. Chloe runs to Salt in an attempt to stop Ryder, but it’s too late – he’s pushing her over the edge with every statement, and when she sees Chloe, she snaps and kicks everyone out…

Ari and Mia are given a painful reminder of their past

Ari runs into Tori and Christian while Mia is setting up a yoga class, and lets them take the session together while he looks after baby Grace. Irene and Marilyn are both surprised and impressed when they see how adept Ari is with looking after a baby, and he speaks with them about how he helped to raise Nikau and Chloe from a young age. He doesn’t go into details about why he and Mia never had children, but when Mia sees Ari with Grace the memories of their own son they lost come flooding back…

Jasmine is spooked by her late-night tarot reading


Jasmine recently attended Lewis’ sentencing hearing and realises that it’s really over: he’ll spend the next ten years in a mental institution, and she’ll never see him again. While Roo and Marilyn are empathetic, she wonders why she couldn’t notice how sick Lewis was and laments how life never seems to give her a break. Later, Jasmine discusses life after death with Marilyn and Roo, and Marilyn persuades her to do a tarot card reading after the Diner shuts. However, after seeing a concerning card as the first outcome, Jasmine becomes agitated and flees…

Mackenzie gets drunk and kisses Tane

After a tumultuous day that saw Mackenzie lose her temper and deplete the Salt of its patrons, the bartender turns to alcohol and drags Jasmine into a drinking session. She later shows up at the Parata residence, severely inebriated, hoping for a fight with Ari. Tane, on the other hand, drives her home and removes her booze. When Mackenzie is alone in the house, she becomes flirtatious and approaches Tane, brushing her lips against his and tells him it wasn’t long ago that he desired her. Will Tane succumb to the pressure and cheat on Ziggy?

Amber questions Dean about their future

Since the surf competition, when Ziggy talked about her plans with her ex to compete all over the coast, Amber has been feeling increasingly insecure about her relationship with Dean.

When Ziggy and Dean are named champions, she begins to wonder why they’re still so close, and she returns home to find them snuggled on the sofa just a few nights later. Amber has some harsh questions for Dean the next morning, including whether he can look her in the eyes and tell her he isn’t still in love with Ziggy.


Justin and Leah clash over the search for Susie

Leah has been scouring forums and communicating with people who, like her and Justin, have been duped by Susie. They take John out to supper, and Leah proudly displays all of the proof she has gathered thus far. While John prefers to forget rather than stay engaged, Leah wants to bring as many people as possible along for the adventure.

When she reads a post about a possible sighting of Susie along the coast, her enthusiasm reaches new heights, and she prepares to pursue the lead. Justin, on the other hand, is concerned about Leah’s safety, especially because the lead could be a dead end, and the two have a heated debate over their disagreements…

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