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Home and Away reveals new struggle for Felicity Newman in 23 spoiler pictures


Felicity Newman’s friends urge her to resume her dating life on Channel 5’s Home and Away the next week, but is she truly over her divorce from Tane Parata?

Dana Matheson investigates wrongdoing at the Surf Club in another place.

On March 14th, Thursday, John conducts a Bronze Medallion lesson at the beach.
He’s back teaching at Surf Club, thanks to Alf’s reinstatement.

On Thursday, March 14, John makes a call to Dana and Banjo.
On the sand, they perform a demonstration.


Thursday, March 14: Dana and Banjo are both developing really well.
These are John’s top pupils.

Thursday, March 14: John gives Banjo a heartfelt complement Banjo seems to be the centre of attention.

Thursday, March 14: Things have turned around for Banjo.
After receiving criticism from Banjo’s father Simon Henderson, John is resolved not to make the same mistakes that he did in the past.

Thursday, March 14: The Surf Club worries Dana.
Since Alf returned John to his place against Simon’s wishes, a number of high-ranking officials have quit.


Thursday, March 14: Dana makes the decision to step in.
She queries Banjo about his knowledge of his father’s actions.

Thursday, March 14: Banjo omits several important details
He acknowledges that he saw Simon giving committee members large amounts of cash.

Thursday, March 14: Dana is interested by Banjo’s disclosure; it is obvious that Simon has been paying committee members to support him and step down.

March 14, Thursday: Felicity is feeling really happy.
She’s making an effort to put her disastrous marriage to Tane behind her.


Thursday, March 14: Felicity is supported by Eden
The closest friends take pleasure in spending time together.

Thursday, March 14: Felicity is encouraged by Eden
She believes Felicity to go back out there and pursue dating.

Thursday, March 14: Felicity finds the notion shocking.
She obviously doesn’t think she’s ready to start dating again.

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