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Sunrise’s Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington to make Home And Away cameos


Summer Bay’s sandy shores are being substituted for the newsdesk by two of Seven’s most beloved broadcasters.

This Wednesday at 7pm AEST, Channel 7 and 7plus will broadcast the exclusive Home and Away cameo.

In a crossover plot, Matt Shirvington and Natalie Barr, co-hosts of Sunrise, will interview the brash Hollywood actor Stevie Marlow (Catherine Van-Davies) on a special Sunrise “live” cross.

The Hollywood star has made waves since moving to Summer Bay, bringing with her a devoted following and a level of media attention never seen before for the beach town.


Stevie chooses Summer Bay as the ideal location for her new romantic comedy film, after recruiting former police officer Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) as her personal bodyguard.

Soon enough, the excitement of cinematic magic and the accompanying media circus fills the Bay.

The PR machine is working nonstop on the first day of production while Stevie gets ready to deliver a “live” Sunrise cross from the set.

But before his big morning TV appearance, Summer Bay star Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) has a case of stage fright, so it’s up to him to step up and get Stevie to the interview. John Palmer (Shane Withington).


In the entertaining sequence, Shirvo interviews the well-known actress before returning to Nat, who is “live” from Sunrise Studios in Sydney.

Shooting the scenes late last year, Shirvo told 7NEWS.com.au, “As a kid who grew up watching Home And Away, it was all a bit surreal to be in Summer Bay with Alf Stewart.”

What a good time I had. The entire cast and crew made me feel very welcome and were very kind in giving me acting guidance and pointers as a newbie.

“I fear that this will be something my children will never allow me to get over.”


Sunrise stars Nat and Shirvo are not the first to make appearances on the adored serial opera.

Sam Mac, a weather broadcaster, made his acting debut in October 2021 by dressing up as a VIP visitor at a Summer Bay party.

He posted a picture of himself with Meagher at the time, sporting a cap and shirt that read, “Sam Mac is… Summer Bae.”

“I don’t know if Alf supports my line of commemorative ‘Sam Mac-chandise.'” He made a legal threats,” Sam wrote.

David Koch, a former Sunrise co-host, also made an appearance in a fleeting moment in 2007.

He was seen mixing by the bar of the Summer Bay surf club when he said, “Yeah, sure,” while holding a stubby.


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