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Home and Away’s Ada Nicodemou breaks silence after being spotted kissing co-star


Ada Nicodemou, star of Home and Away, has spoken out when a video of her kissing James Stewart surfaced, just after the two actors announced their breakup.

While Ada’s separation from her partner Adam Rigby was revealed to The Daily Telegraph earlier this month, James’ ex-wife Sarah Roberts confirmed the couple’s breakup during a recent interview with Stellar.

Ada penned a Mother’s Day editorial for Stellar Magazine on Sunday. She says that becoming a mother has taught her “to embrace the beauty of imperfection, understanding that my best effort is always good enough.”

With her ex-husband, Chrys Xipolitas, the actress has a kid named Johnas.


“What really matters is the happiness and love we share; the pursuit of perfection in motherhood is a mirage,” she declares. Johnas doesn’t need the perfect, faultless me; he needs the real me—the happy, occasionally stressed out person who laughs at the moniker “Joan A**” and who can transform a morning drop-off into an unplanned concert.”

James and Ada were seen cuddling.
Fans of Home and Away have been discussing it in a Facebook page since Ada and James were spotted kissing in Sydney.

“They seem attractive together. Good for them, I just think it’s funny how James constantly gets sucked into his on-screen relationships and how most of us figured that out when Ava and James broke up,” a person commented. “I know it was my first thought and I’ve seen a lot of comments saying the same.”

Another person said, “They’re meant to be together,” and a third person wrote, “Best of luck to them both.”


“Good luck to them both, I loved watching them both on screen, they make such a lovely couple,” another person said.

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