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Home and Away Spoilers – John gets stage fright as cameras roll in Summer Bay


John is scheduled to make his television debut this week on Home and Away in Australia when the morning news shows up to question Stevie. Will stage fright prevent him from appearing on TV?

Summer Bay is about to experience movie magic, and although Ray Meagher’s character, Alf, the president of the surf club, has opposed the plan from the beginning, he is now unexpectedly taking the lead.

Following his resignation from the police, Cash (played by Nicholas Cartwright) secured a job as a personal bodyguard for horror icon Stevie Marlow (played by Catherine Van-Davies), who was the victim of a stalker.

The police didn’t seem to take the threats seriously, even after Cash tried for several weeks to keep Stevie safe. Consequently, Stevie made the decision to go back into the public eye and fired Cash.


But Cash saw the danger Stevie was placing herself in when she went to a public event, so he showed up without warning and stopped stalker Sidney from attacking Stevie.

Even though Sidney was placed under arrest and placed on remand, Stevie wanted to hire Cash more permanently so that she could begin filming her next film, the romantic comedy All Our Tomorrows.

Although Stevie doesn’t take no for an answer, Cash declined the offer because he didn’t want to spend months without seeing his fiancée Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) as she dealt with family matters.

Stevie was determined to persuade Nelson Giles (Mahesh Jadu), the film’s director, to change the location of the film from a beautiful mountain chalet to the gorgeous waters of Summer Bay. They returned to Summer Bay together.


Cash would be able to continue enjoying sleepovers at Remi’s (Adam Rowland) house and would also avoid having to spend any time away from home.

Nelson and the movie’s site manager Lottie (Rebecca Montalti) were easily convinced, especially after Nelson got to know the recently single Bree (Juliet Godwin) and decided it would be enjoyable to stay.


Though Stevie offered to cover the additional expenses herself, it appeared that the decision had been made. The producer wasn’t as enthusiastic, pointing out to Nelson that they had already placed a deposit on the mountain location with a set fully erected.

Alf liked things “the way they are,” so when Cash hinted that a movie might be coming to Summer Bay, it wasn’t good news.


Even though Roo (Georgie Parker) owned the nearby RV park and many crew members would need lodging, he didn’t seem to be persuaded.

Alf was adamant that the plan would not go through when the deputy location manager later visited him and club manager John (Shane Withington) to discuss it. He claimed that having to close the northern portion of the beach for almost three months would result in mayhem.

Later, when John met with Nelson, he informed Alf that the club would get a fee of $50,000, taking the decision out of Alf’s hands.

After returning downstairs to inform the club president of the situation, John prudently left before he could take the full weight of a flamin’ Alf’s wrath.

Since then, Alf has been upset about the arrangement, and last week, when some of the film’s team visited the Pier Diner, he had to wait a long time for his cup of tea.

Even though the money was helpful for the club, Roo continued to lament the anticipated disturbance and accused Alf of searching for issues where none existed.


As they discussed how the beach had been closed off for months, he told her, “The beach belongs to everyone.” “Everyone in the community needs to have faith that we won’t give the reins to those who don’t value the location.”

This week marks the official start of the movie’s production, as Stevie and the rest of the team return to Summer Bay. The publicist for the film has scheduled an interview between Stevie and the actual Sunrise team to commemorate the event.

As was revealed at the end of the previous year, it was former Olympian Matt “Shirvo” Shirvington—who currently hosts Seven’s breakfast show—who was traveling to Summer Bay to speak with A-list star Stevie.

John is tasked with taking Stevie to the beach in the surf club buggy while they get ready for a live crossover to Summer Bay from Natalie Barr in the Sunrise studio.

Even so, John experiences last-minute stage fright when he thinks about appearing live on morning television, despite his confidence.

Alf is tasked with driving Stevie, but will he be able to hold back when Shirvo points the camera in his direction given his initial opposition to the film?

Shirvo told the Daily Telegraph last year, “I’m so excited to take a trip to Summer Bay and be a part of Australia’s most iconic show, a show I watched as a kid.”

It feels really strange to be in a scene with Ray Meagher because everyone adores Alf. I believe I’m ready for my acting debut—playing myself—after practicing my lines and receiving some advice from Ray. What could go wrong?

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