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Some Big money, A Shocking murder and much more. 8 Upcoming huge home and away spoilers:


This week in Home and Away, Lewis’ (Luke Arnold) evil plans reach their climax as he drags Christian (Ditch Davey) to an abandoned section of the hospital and administers a lethal injection. Tori (Penny McNamee) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) hunt the pair down and discover them just as Christian’s heart stops – will they be able to save him?

Meanwhile, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) notices Mac (Emily Weir) being brought to the hospital and suspects he’s being kept in the dark. Plus, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is in for a lot of surprises when he finds out that an intimate photo of him taken by Bella (Courtney Miller) has won a competition.

Here’s what’s on Home and Away this week, starting Monday, May 17th.

Ari discovers Mac’s pregnancy is a lie.


When Ari and Mia are on the balcony of Salt, he notices Ziggy and Tane taking Mac to the hospital. He screams out to them, but Mac insists on keeping him in the dark. Tori diagnoses Mac with an infection after her procedure and provides her with counselling materials at the hospital. Ari, on the other hand, is adamant about finding out what’s wrong with Mac and presses Mia for an answer. Mia tells him the truth, backed into a corner, that Mac was pregnant.

Bella infringes on Nikau’s privacy with a private photo.

Bella is working on an assignment when she receives an unexpected email informing her that a photo she contributed in a competition has won first prize! Nikau is ecstatic for his lover until he sees the winning photo, which is a private snapshot of him sleeping. He’s furious that she submitted the photo without his permission, but Bella doesn’t see the issue. Dean overhears the two squabbling and subsequently approaches Nikau to advise him to pull his head in…

Susie becomes a source of obsession for Leah.


Susie’s fraudulent activities in the Bay resulted in her taking almost $90,000, and Leah has been attempting to discover any sign of her online. She, on the other hand, is having trouble finding solid leads and is becoming upset when the cops likewise have nothing fresh for her. She becomes obsessive about monitoring her laptop and venting her rage on Justin, much to Justin’s chagrin… Is he capable of bringing her out of her funk?

Lewis makes an attempt on Christian’s life.

Lewis is hell-bent on holding Christian responsible for the death of his late wife Anna, so he drags him to an abandoned hospital wing and ties him to a bed. When Christian awakens, Lewis makes it obvious that it’s time for retaliation. Lewis hooks Christian up to a heart rate monitor and injects him with a fatal poison after failing to convince Christian to accept guilt for Anna’s death on video…

Tori comes across Christian and tries to save him.


Jasmine has expressed her concern for Lewis’ well-being to Tori, and the two are now aware that Lewis and Christian are missing. They investigate every ward in the hospital after seeing both of their cars in the parking lot until they find Lewis kneeling over an unconscious Christian. Tori is concerned when she notices her fiance’s heart rate monitor is flatlining and jumps on him to give CPR – but is she too late?

Ziggy devises a scheme to divert Ari’s attention.

Despite the doctor’s advice to rest, Ari is finding it difficult to relax at home, and Mia discovers him washing her car. When Tane and Ziggy get home, they realise Ari needs to be distracted before he drives everyone insane. The next morning, Ziggy arrives with a famous motorcycle that Ari recognises right away. He is overjoyed when she offers that he and Tane work on the bike together.

During Mia’s employment interview, John grills her extensively.

Irene informs John that she requires assistance in interviewing candidates for the gym manager position, and despite his initial reluctance, he soon jumps into the assignment. When Mia arrives for her interview, John makes things as difficult as possible for her by questioning her with probing questions. Will Mia be able to deal with the stress?

Nikau is offered a big career opportunity.


Nikau and Bella were just in the City for an awards ceremony after Bella won a major photography competition, and when they return the next morning, Bella receives an unexpected call. Nikau is astonished to find that he has been offered a position as a male model by a gorgeous modelling agent who wants to speak with him right away. When he declines, the agent makes it plain that he will be paid handsomely. Bella encourages him to at the very least consider it. Is Nikau’s life about to take a dramatic turn?

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