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Home and Away spoilers: will Christian die after lethal overdose given by Lewis ?


Lewis (Luke Arnold) has recently tried to make Christian (Ditch Davey) pay the price for his late wife Anna’s death by dragging him into an abandoned part of the hospital and strapping him to a bed.

Meanwhile, Tori (Penny McNamee) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) have discovered that their partners are missing and are desperately searching the hospital for them. As they watch, Lewis attempts to persuade Christian to confess to Anna’s death on tape, but he refuses, claiming he won’t confess to anything he didn’t do.

Lewis hooks Christian up to a heart rate monitor and calmly administers a lethal injection as Tori and Jasmine begin to scan every ward in the hospital.

Christian’s heart rate starts to slow, and the system eventually stops working.


Tori enters the room and discovers her fiancee on the bed, unconscious. When she sees the gadget, she realises what Lewis has done.

Lewis slinks out of the confusion as she calls for assistance.

Jasmine offers to assist Tori as she jumps onto Christian and starts doing CPR, but Tori screams at her to stay away.

Jasmine returns home, shocked, to discover Lewis hidden in her bedroom…


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