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Show’s Best Friends! Inside Lynne McGranger and Johnny Ruffo’s Special Moments from the Show

Both are the epitome of the goals of friendship.

It’s our love and obsession with Australia’s second largest soapie if we as a nation take something seriously.

Home and Away has become the pillar of all that is good and Aussie. Channel 7 drama

With more than 30 decades in the scope, the first episode in January 1988, some of the major A-stars, unbelievably heartbreaking TV moments, iconic Australian phrases (looking at you, Alf Stewart) and naturally lifelong friendships between the cast-members have been breeding grounds.

This is right. The gang is as close as ever even when the cameras stop rolling.

The stars of the show genuinely like each other and have their respective back with such a rich history.

Case in point – Lynne McGranger and Johnny Ruffo, the former co-star-turned-best mates (Chris Harrington). While he quit the show in 2016, he still has a close ties with Lynne.

Lynne and Johnny have built up a strong friendship on the Home And Away set and are still as close as ever all these years later. (Image: Instagram) Instagram.

The good friends went to a nearby restaurant in Sydney to meet up over the weekend.

The duo have posted a variety of cuts from their outing to the social media to record their sweet mate date.

Although Lynne shared a snap with Johnny and her husband Paul McWaters, who also joined them and had a thought: “Lunch with these Muppets.

Naturally Tahnee Sims is a long-time companion for Johnny who hadn’t had the lunch but who gave the comment: “Aww alone.”

All here is Mob! Paul the husband of Lynne came together for the lunch with the former H&A co-star. (Image: Instagram) Instagram.

Lynne was some of his worst moments there with Johnny.

The actress was one of the first people to give her support and affection to the 32-year-old late last year, after he revealed the most disgusting news that his brain cancer had returned.

—That’s what you both want a relaxing Christmas and make me aware, when you’re feeling ready – we won’t go anywhere —That’s what she wrote then. “Sending love always my dear buddy.’

The couple were first mixed up with AFL and now they have a nice tradition with their respective teams, so that the loser owes dinner whatever comes down to the table every season.

Johnny had previously disclosed their relationship, “I always see the Lynne McGranger every other week.”

Johnny is feeling Lynne’s support when, for a second time, he faces brain cancer. (Image: Instagram) Instagram.

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