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Sarah Roberts Revealed some of the major reason which causes her to leave summer Bay


The star of Home and Away has spoken out! – by New Thought 04 FEB 2021

When Willow Harris (played by Sarah Roberts) was identified as the enigmatic Witness X in Home and Away, we were all shocked, but now the soap star has revealed fresh information as to why her character wanted to leave Summer Bay.

Home and Away viewers watched last year as Willow testified against Colby Thorne (played by Tim Franklin) and opted to leave after facing some serious criticism.

Colby’s sister Bella Nixon (played by Courtney Miller) and best friend Dean Thompson (played by Patrick O’Connor) couldn’t forgive her, although she felt she was doing the right thing by providing her declaration and recording Colby confessing to Ross Nixon’s murder.


Actress Sarah Harris spilt fresh insights about why her character wanted to leave the Bay after all the drama in a talk with Digital Spy.

“Dean and Bella are unable to find it within themselves to forgive or even accept what Willow did.”Seven

“To forgive or even accept what Willow has done, Dean and Bella will not find it inside themselves. Willow was like a sister to them, and she has broken apart her family,” she told the UK newspaper.

“Willow decided to leave this beach in the afternoon, because Dean and Bella ostracised her and could not find it inside her to apologise or listen to her.”

Her character has “always been so loyal when it comes to family,” the Home and Away star said.


“Whether it’s over the phone or Face Time when years have passed, it would be nice to see a rekindling of her friendship with Bella and Dean. Or maybe Dean or Bella will go and find her, or maybe she can return to the Bay?”

When working on the show, I went through too much and diving into [Willow’s] drama was a diversion from my real life at times… “Getty”
Back in November, Sarah explained in a candid conversation with the Daily Telegraph that the drama she plays on screen as Willow has worked for her in a therapeutic fashion.

“Since working on the show, I’ve been through too much and diving into [Willow’s] drama has been a release from my real life at times… It’s interesting that all that drama is a sweet solace.”

“In the last two years, I’ve had a lot of things that have happened to me. I’ve had a lot of grief and I’ve known a lot about myself.”


“She then added: “And you just have to keep walking. Because the universe keeps running, and the best way around it is sometimes to keep getting yourself up from the ground and keep going. Even though it’s tough.

On her wedding day with her niece, Lauren Roberts, Sarah posted an unseen picture of herself. Inside Instagram

Sarah, who is married to her co-star James Stewart, posted a rare yet unseen snapshot from their wedding in 2019 on a personal note.

“The beautiful bride posed with her favourite sister Lauren Roberts in the snap, captioning it: “My Corazón.

Fans filled the image with messages, including Sarah’s co-star Penny McNamee, who posted on a series of love heart emojis, needless to say.

One wrote, “Two beautiful girls inside & out.”

“Beautiful picture of both of you,” penned one more.


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