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REVEALED: Why the Home and Away cast aren’t following COVID protocols


Is Summer Bay one of the world’s only places spared the pandemic COVID-19?

When a spectator recently grilled longtime star Lynne McGranger on why the cast didn’t seem to be socially distancing in scenes seen on air, one Home and Away fan seemed to be alluding to the issue.

The actress who portrays Irene Roberts referred to the fan on Twitter and explained why she made the decision.

“All right. But there isn’t any social distancing in SB [Summer Bay] because the writers and producers (correctly) agree that our fans want to be entertained,” she wrote.

On Home and Away, there’s no social distancing – but there’s an explanation for that! (Belinda Giblin and Rick Donald are pictured.)

However, Lynne maintained that stringent health and safety precautions are in place when filming the episode.

Home and Away is mainly shot in Sydney, New South Wales, where limits have just been relaxed and the population is close to pre-pandemic peaks, and vaccines are due to spread out throughout the world soon.

Writers and producers desired “escapism,” according to Lynne McGranger (pictured above, with co-star Sam Frost, left).

COVID-19 concerns rockedthe nation, prompting bans and lockdowns, and the development of Home and Away was briefly halted in March of last year.

In May of last year, the Channel Seven drama resumed shooting, with the network promising new COVID-19 steps to be introduced.


A spokeswoman for Channel Seven said at the time that “a series of steps would be in place to minimise risk for cast and crew, which will be supervised by committed safety officers.”

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