Sunday, June 16, 2024

He’s in a fight with Leah and for his life! In a surprising new teaser, Justin from Home and Away is in deep trouble.




To say Justin and Leah, Summer Bay’s most successful couple, are having a tough time would be an understatement.

The couple is in panic mode after losing their life savings, $90,000, which was supposed to be used for a house deposit.

“They want their own space where they can begin making memories together,” Ada, 43, says.

“They’ve got the cash. Susie, a real estate agent, came to their rescue and helped them find a house.”


When their loan application was turned down by the bank, Susie persuaded the couple to use a private lender before fleeing with the money.


For the pair, it seems that things are just going to get worse.

In a new teaser for upcoming episodes, Justin and Leah are at odds due to Susie’s deception and theft of their money.

The pair is at odds over the loss, and the situation threatens to break them apart.


“You didn’t pay attention!” “You blame me, don’t you?” Leah yells at Justin, who answers abruptly: “You blame me, don’t you?”



In a matter of seconds, things go from really bad to lethal.
“They need each other more than ever,” the Instagram post reads, “but things are about to take another unlucky turn for Justin and Leah.”
Leah follows Justin down to the beach as he heads out into the surf to cool off.

Justin is distracted and stewing on his anger when he is unexpectedly struck from behind by a massive wave. The surfer is knocked off his board and is pummelling by waves as he tries to get back to the surface.


Leah cries in terror from the shoreline.



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