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Home and Away: Tori insist to marry with Mcdreamy instead of moving in with him

The Happier Pair. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

I know with Tori and her engagement proposal, we can all be pleased, but I can’t help but think it’s just a gaint bandaid to cover all the stuff with Budget McDreamy she hasn’t figured out.

And my idea that Justin and Leah will tie the knot has been refuted, leaving Justin free to curse Leah’s dead husband.

Basically, Tori is not ready for Budget McDreamy to move in, so she’s going to get married to him. Sure… all of her insecurities are going to work them out while they’re married.

But first, Justin, who had called on Budget McDreamy to move in without his sister’s permission.


Justin’s busy twitching in agony. It’s a strength at which he really excels.

Yet I don’t have a tumour and I feel duped.

In hospital-related acting, James Stewart excels. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

It’s just a strained muscle, obviously.

Anyway, Tori takes the time to press Justin on why he went out of line now that his death is no longer inevitable and asked Budget McDreamy to live with them.


Justin decides that it was not his place to allow the boyfriend of his sister to live with them and then shoot Budget McDreamy as his doctor to keep some space between them – but he can just be the boyfriend of Tori.

McDreamy, meanwhile, realises that Tori has been behaving “weird,” but before he asks the issue, he begins to confess his affection for her.

“Will you marry me, Tori Morgan?” says McDreamy.

She says ‘yeah’ and they head back to the house to tell the good news to Leah and Justin.


Their congratulations are not even given, and Justin’s face is filled with disgust.

Not excited. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

And I can’t wait to see Jasmine’s reaction if Justin, who has a burgeoning bromance with the doc, has a problem with it.

She’s still strained with Budget McDreamy because “he’s dating Tori, who is the mother of the child of my ex,” and Lewis Hayes, the latest prison nurse who looks like Johnny Depp, also appears to have a secret vendetta with McDreamy.

If he causes you some problems, let me know,” Lewis tells Jas as they reconnect, “I’ll figure him out for you.

Given the death of Lewis’ wife, and he and McDreamy are also in the medical field, their complaints seem likely to be related to the two.

Lewis and Jas chat about how, as they expected, life didn’t work out. They met at university about ten years ago, but they kept up where they left off, and Irene is very glad that Jasmine has a friend again.

For info, fishing. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

Bad Depp is already having a new career and is starting immediately with Jas in the hospital!

First is John, who freaks out over his date with Susie, the new real estate agent who is much too young and attractive for John Palmer, the grump.

In John, what does she see? Picture: Channel 7 Credit: Channel 7 Credit: Channel 7

Eventually, they get to the date and John can’t control the pressure.

He brings up Marilyn, his ex-wife, who makes things all harder, so he excuses himself and gets on the phone and asks Irene to join them.

No wonder Susie is not impressed and tells John straight out.

Aren’t we both teenagers, John? ” Questions from Susie.

“You, John Palmer, are the one I want to know.”

Exactly my feelings. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

John Palmer is as surprised as I am that she is as interested in him.

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