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Outpouring of love at Home and Away star Georgie Parker’s big news


Georgie Parker, a fan favourite from Home and Away, has returned to television after a seven-week hiatus.

The actress announced in March 2023 that she would be missing the popular Channel 7 programme since she had been cast in a play that ran concurrently with Summer Bay filming.

On Thursday, she announced via Instagram that Roo Stewart, the role she has played since 2010, was back on TV after being injured in an earlier episode.

In reality, Georgie was performing in a play in Sydney, created by the wonderful David Williamson, at the @ensembletheatre, she noted, “while Roo was away receiving much-needed medical attention in the city.”


But Roo is back tonight on our TVs. As a result, watch @channel7.

Social media was used by fans to express their joy upon Parker’s comeback.

“Yay! I’m so happy you’re back,” read one reply.

“I’m so glad Roo is back on the show tonight; I’ve missed her so much and the show has felt gloomier without her light. “Welcome back, Georgie,” a supporter commented.


Parker posted heartfelt welcome-back messages from her TV co-stars on her Instagram stories.

My work wife Georgie Parker is really welcome back, Emily Symons stated.

I missed having you by my side while we stood in the wind.

Symons then posted a humorous video with actor Ray Meagher holding two signs that said “Before” and “After” in it.


The first picture was of Roo grinning at the camera in the sunshine, and the second one was of her in the ICU after the explosion scene in Stunning Organics.

“Roo and you were missed. We apologise for the Stunning Organics issue,” she stated.

The buddies were also seen drinking coffee, taking a selfie with Meagher, and grinning while outside in the wind.

During her months off, the 58-year-old actress appeared in the play Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica.

She said, “I’ve been very fortunate that I kind of put it out there – if it’s going to be long term, that I need time out for plays,” to Yahoo Lifestyle before to the temporary departure.

“Channel 7 has always been very accommodating in allowing me to do that and request (time off).”


I simply have it included in my contract.

The two-time Gold Logie winner continued by saying it was simple for the scriptwriters to explain her absence because the show is mostly written around the younger cast members.

I’m fortunate in that regard, she added, noting that taking a sabbatical won’t cause any narratives to split in half.

Ruth “Roo” Stewart, the daughter of Ray Meagher’s character Alf Stewart, was played by Parker, the second woman to play the part.

Prior to 2010, the role was portrayed by actress Justine Clarke until she quit to focus on other TV projects and her career as a children’s singer.

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