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Home and Away star James Stewart opens up over family dynamic with daughter Scout


Actor James Stewart of Home and Away has spoken candidly about his relationship with his daughter Scout.

James, who portrays Justin Morgan in the Australian soap opera, spoke about his bond with his daughter during a father-daughter photo shoot for the Australian publication Who.

That’s for sure, [fatherhood] made me a better man, James said. “I’m more compassionate, patient, attentive, active in life, passionate about it, and lot more guarding and caring.

But above all, it’s strengthened my love for people. I make sure to be present every night when Scout goes to bed so I can tell her I love her. I make certain she hears, “Daddy loves you.


James is a little worried about Scout becoming 13 because she is now 11 years old.

He laughed and said, “I suppose all fathers are a little bit anxious about their daughters entering teenagers. But I’m also incredibly happy for her. She will get stronger, wiser, and nicer as she matures, but I’m sure there will be some trying times.

She will, however, also encounter her first love. What a memorable occasion that will be for her,” he continued. “I’m not alone, either. Sarah [Roberts], Scout’s stepmother, has supported Scout in the same way that I have in order to help her grow from a young girl into a young lady.

“Scout asks Sarah questions that she occasionally prefers not to discuss right away with me. Without Sarah, I wouldn’t be the father I am today,” he stated.


Who was informed by Scout that the family enjoys watching TV shows like The Mandalorian or Modern Family. Although she took sure to point out that their musical preferences are somewhat similar, she and her dad like talking about new music.

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