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Oh, Puppy Love! Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman took the next step in their relationship.


Summer Bay’s cutest new resident has arrived!

Patrick O’Connor and his partner Sophie Dillman seem to have taken the next thrilling phase in their relationship by adopting a puppy.

Paddy, who plays Dean on Home And Away, took to Instagram on Thursday evening to show off his new puppy to his followers.

He captioned two heart-melting snaps of a black Cavoodle, “New big dog in the yard.”


Fans flocked to the comment section to express their delight at the pup’s cuteness.

“What a lovely boy,” one person said.

Paddy revealed to TV WEEK that his new puppy belonged to him and Sophie, and that they had called him Winnie.

“We just got him a couple of weeks ago,” the dog’s proud owner said.


“He is mine and Sophie.”

The pair, who have been married for eight years and live in Sydney, have found a comfortable medium between their work and personal lives.

They not only went to the same acting school in Queensland, but they’ve both seen each other grow up, which Sophie values.

What a sweetheart. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Sophie, a retired nurse, recently told TV WEEK, “We were work buddies first, and it’s made us work well together now, so we’re fortunate in that respect.”


“It’s great to have a friendship-based relationship. We’re best friends first and foremost, and we treat each other as such, but it’s also reinforced our friendship from the outset.”

Patrick goes on to state that he likes the energy they share.

“It’s pretty laid-back.” We get noticed by fans when we go out as a couple, but it hasn’t changed us all that much. But I think Sophie is a great actor, and knowing you’re happy with each other on set is comforting.”

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