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Home and Away Spoilers – The tense Rivalry between Ryder and Chloe Continues… but is all as it seems?

Ryder’s worst nightmare comes true next week on Home and Away in the UK, as he has to deal with Chloe at both home and college… Is anything between the two, though, as it appears? In comparison, Martha’s mental health takes a sharp turn for the worse…

Though the Parata family has been thrown for a loop by the return of Mia (Anna Samson) and Chloe (Sam Barrett) Anderson into their lives—with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) having not seen his ex and the girl he treated as a stepdaughter in over a decade—their arrival in Summer Bay has also had an impact on some other residents.

Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) is one of these residents, who got off to a bad start with Chloe when her lack of identification forced him to deny her service in Salt. Rather than leaving, Chloe sat and taunted Ryder with her appearance, telling Roo (Georgie Parker) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) that Chloe was the usual annoyance customer he’d heard about during his internship.

Despite discovering that she and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) were “practically cousins,” Ryder’s disdain for Chloe didn’t change much, and he was disappointed when she returned to Salt with Nik to look for jobs! Ryder breathed a sigh of relief as boss Mackenzie (Emily Weir) assured Chloe that she didn’t actually have space on the roster for anyone else, and Chloe wryly suggested that Salt could use a little more creativity behind the bar.

Not to be deterred, Chloe insisted on making Mac her signature drink in an attempt to win her over, prompting Ryder to challenge her to a competition to demonstrate the quality they really want in Salt. After all, Ryder won first prise for his designs while interning at a five-star spa, and he has the winner’s rosette to show it (though it’s not actually on view in either Salt or Summer Bay House’s mantelpiece despite his best efforts).


Ryder’s attempt to knock Chloe down a level backfired when Mac and Nik were inspired by Chloe’s blazing creation and offered her a job on the spot!

Chloe’s first day on the job comes this week, and Ryder is less than pleased to hear that he will be the one to teach her—Mac is taking the day off. Alf (Ray Meagher) sees that as a good thing, and Mac clearly thinks he’ll be up to the challenge, but Ryder can still say Chloe is going to be tough.

When Chloe is late, the move does not get off to a decent start. Ryder calls her up on it, and although Chloe doesn’t think it’s his problem, he then admits that he’s her day’s boss. Chloe, who is unable to follow Ryder’s instructions, then declines to let the binbags away, reminding Ryder that it is unsanitary.



Ryder becomes more irritated with Chloe as the day progresses—she refuses to fold the napkins as instructed, she takes a break without Ryder’s permission, and she overdoes the cocktail decoration. Ryder needs to tell her who the boss is at some point, but Chloe reminds him that Mac is the boss and that Ryder has no jurisdiction and can back off!

Despite Chloe’s protests that he should be teaching her, Ryder takes a break at the end of his rope. Ryder informs Chloe that she’s too stubborn to be taught and that she can know that no one is asking her to be there when she leads him downstairs. She walks out, handing Ryder her apron and making it obvious that he can’t speak to her like that!

Meanwhile, Mia worries about how she’ll make ends meet now that she’s agreed to stay in Summer Bay and try to save her friendship with Chloe. Ari recommends speaking with Alf about renting a caravan because the hotel is getting too costly. They go to the caravan park, where Alf is more than willing to assist, and Mia becomes the newest resident of Summer Bay.


As Chloe calls to see Mia later, Ryder sees her in the caravan park and thinks she’s come to apologise, but Chloe quickly corrects him by telling him that Mia has moved in.

Ryder can’t believe his poor luck; not only will he have to deal with this girl, but she’ll even be visiting him at home!

Ryder storms off in a huff as Chloe points out that regularly bumping into him doesn’t necessarily shake her life either.

Yet they can’t help but look back as they walk away from each other… just a smidgeon of a grin… Could the couple’s frequent bickering be masking other feelings?

If Ryder is struggling with Chloe, the other inhabitants of Summer Bay House are dealing with their own issues.

When Martha’s son Kieran (Rick Donald) left town last week after trying to target Alf in the surf club, she was distraught, and she also blames Alf and Roo for pushing him away. Despite their claims that they were just trying to defend Martha, Martha refuses to listen to her family, recognising that Kieran was drinking and had already intimidated Roo.

When Martha begins gathering her belongings and declares her intention to return to Merimbula, Alf and Roo attempt unsuccessfully to persuade her otherwise. What if Kieran shows up?

Just when it appears that Roo has persuaded Martha to change her mind, she leaves the house to meet Irene (Lynne McGranger).

Martha’s mental state is evidently deteriorating as she begs Irene for assistance, claiming that Roo and Alf are holding her captive in the kitchen!

Irene finally calms Martha down and returns her to her house, but Martha insists on going to Merimbula to look for Kieran—her he’s son, and she wants to know he’s safe. Alf offers to follow her, but Martha advises him that he can’t be trusted around Kieran, and that he’ll actually call the cops on him again.

Irene is the one who finally persuades Martha to stay in Summer Bay after informing Roo about her worries about Martha’s mental health. Kieran will seek her out, and Martha understands that she should be where he expects to find her.

Martha is overjoyed as Kieran arrives in the caravan park under the cover of darkness later that evening, telling her that he missed her.

The next morning, Martha sneaks out behind one of the caravans to speak with Kieran once more. Kieran explains that he doesn’t want to get in the way of her and Alf’s relationship, but she assures him that it will remain private. Martha and Kieran are both emotional as they apologise to each other about how things went wrong and vow to start again.

Meanwhile, Alf and Roo are walking through the caravan park when they see Martha and ask who she is talking to—until they get closer, they know she is talking to nothing!

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