Saturday, December 10, 2022

Home and Away Star Sarah Roberts asks the producers to revisit the storey of Willow and Alex.

Home and Away Star Sarah Roberts has confirmed that she has asked Willow Harris to reconsider Alex Neilson’s relationship with her.

Willow and Alex (played by Zoe Ventoura) began dating back to 2019, but their relationship ended when Alex landed a new job away from Summer Bay. She left herself after Willow was worried that things would happen too soon between them.


Pairing was popular with audiences, and in a new interview. Sarah expressed that she set out for Alex to come back.

“I wanted people who aren’t normally on TV to be represented, and then when we heard from fans what a wonderful job we were doing, [Zoe and I] were just so excited,” she said of the characters’ relationship.

“We never thought we were going to have that kind of answer.

“[Willow] had a rough ride when it came to marriage, but everybody in the Bay had a ride. I say, you get married in the morning and you get divorced in the evening.

“I went back to the producer and the editor, and asked if Alex could come back and tap Willow on his shoulder, and then they could all drive off to the sunset together. But I think you have to wait to see what’s going to happen.”

Willow has had a dramatic time in the last few months. She was revealed to be Witness X and testified against Colby Thorne until, in the aftermath, she fled Summer Bay.

A few weeks ago, Willow returned to the Australian screens.

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