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Neighbours to revisit forgotten Karl and Susan Kennedy storyline in new season


The upcoming season of Neighbours will relive Karl and Susan Kennedy’s financial struggles.

When Karl invested in Montana Marcel’s failed business ventures behind Susan’s back, the well-liked couple took a serious knock early in the new year.

When Susan became enraged about Karl’s treachery and Montana was taken into custody, Karl tragically lost his investment.

Unfortunately, when Channel 5 decided to terminate Neighbours, the show’s focus went to preparing for the nostalgic final episodes, meaning that the full ramifications could not be addressed on screen.


Karl’s actor Alan Fletcher hinted to the Kennedys’ upcoming scenes to Digital Spy and other publications, saying, “They’re not really in a remarkably different place.” Karl’s loss of $200,000 is definitely not something he will get away with! However, rather than being the cause of the drama, the Kennedys are surrounded by it when we return.

“The genius of [executive producer] Jason Herbison, as well as the brilliance of the entire story department, lies in their ability to remember everything.” Therefore, they have the ability to bring objects from the past back.

“In our situation, Karl’s $200,000 loss is still not a waste on Susan. The reason for this is that you shouldn’t experience such things and then have everyone say, “Oh, let’s pretend it didn’t happen.” It’s enormous.

“Susan does start to act out in a way that is completely out of character,” said Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan. by truly shelling out a ridiculous amount of cash on tat! She’s not really interested in it and has no idea why she’s doing it.


However, it’s because she’s still upset that Karl lost that $200,000, she says. It’s an intriguing tale about the things we repress. Sometimes we have moved on and we think everything is fine, but other times we haven’t. That’s an intriguing tale, then.

One more throwback moment for the Kennedy family is the appearance of Holly Hoyland, Karl’s daughter, who is now a regular character on the show.

The show revealed in May that Lucinda Armstrong Hall would be returning to the role of Holly.

“That’s brilliance again,” Alan went on. “Holly is about 20 years old now, and she definitely knows how to run her own business. The absent father has been Karl. Although Susan adores Holly, she is deeply concerned that neither Holly nor Karl are accepting responsibility for their actions.


“When we initially locate her, she seems a little lost. She thus has an extremely fascinating adventure ahead of her. Karl needs to relearn how to be a father, so I know it will be a really interesting trip for me as well.”

“Holly is not showing a lot of respect,” Jackie continued. She is kind of a drop-in at the house. ‘Be a parent, stand up, don’t simply tell her what to do,’ Susan is telling Karl. Which is also positive.

What’s fascinating is that, within each home, there exist modest household narratives set against a larger backdrop of some remarkable tales. There’s a two-year time leap; later on, you may learn what transpired during that period.

“The tales are simply amazing. It’s amazing.”

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