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Neighbours star Xavier Molyneux reveals secret over Byron Stone recasting


Newcomer to Neighbours, Xavier Molyneux, has disclosed that he was initially scheduled to portray Byron Stone in the previous season.

In the upcoming season, which premieres later this month, Xavier will play Jane Harris’s son, according to a recent announcement from the show’s executives.

Last year, Joe Klocek briefly portrayed Byron before the character ended just before the conclusion. But at the time, things might have turned out quite differently.

“I cried when I got the part,” Xavier said in an interview with Digital Spy and other media. just because it was, of course, very popular when I was a child. I adored the programme.


“This year, I was meant to be travelling, but while I was in Canada, I received a call from my agent.

‘If you get on the next flight, you can get in front of Thea McLeod, who’s casting Neighbours for Byron Stone,’ my agent said. Last year, I tried out for this role, and I came in second to Joe Klocek! Thus, it was a significant occasion.”

It was one of those times, he continued, “where you think, ‘Maybe somebody’s looking after me, after all.'”

The redesign The newly released season trailer for The OC stars Mischa Barton as the new Reece, and it prominently features Byron. It depicts their intense connection.


Xavier went on, “Working with Mischa was fantastic. Upon entering, we were both attempting to establish our identities and find our footing. Because there were many occasions when it was just the two of us, we found ourselves relying on one another a lot to get through the days.

It was first really scary for a green actor like me, but we made it through, and she was more than helpful to me.

In terms of plot, Byron encounters Reece while working at the hotel. They have a little spark and she’s staying at the hotel,” he remarked. Their small romance is something they want to keep private and separate from the mayhem on Ramsay Street.

“But regrettably, everything gets sucked in at once, and they have to get through it without stomping on anyone’s toes. Naturally, Paul Robinson has a role to play, as he usually does in the tale of everyone! They had to contend with the legendary Paul Robinson. Win do we? We’re not sure.”


“The kissing scenes were hot and heavy!” he continued. Not to mention that we were only figuring out exactly what chemistry we did have and how we matched together because I’m a little more green than Mischa.

“That was provided by the wonderful intimacy team that we’ve worked with here. I hope it appears authentic on television.”

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