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Home and Away’s Kirby Aramoana shares past trauma in chat with Theo Poulos


Next week, Kirby Aramoana from Home and Away will discuss her background on TV in the UK after Theo Poulos accused her of hiding things.

Kirby finds herself in a heart-to-heart with Theo after he presses her on her love of surfing.

Upcoming sequences on Channel 5 will have Theo watching in disbelief as Kirby does acrobatics in the water.

Theo is uneasy about this because, even though he loves surfing too, Kirby never once mentioned her ability to surf when they were a couple.


Kirby sets limits when Theo brings up this topic with him, telling him straight out that they are no longer a pair and that she doesn’t have to justify herself.

Kirby goes on to say that she wants to keep their connection strictly business-related moving forwards as Lyrik’s bandmates.

Remi Carter and Eden Fowler are concerned about the influence of Kirby and Theo’s continued arguments on Lyrik, which is the source of their recent difficulties.

Remini tells Kirby in no uncertain terms how her romantic life is hurting the band.


Kirby reluctantly accepts this and walks over to Theo with an olive branch.

According to Kirby, she stopped surfing some time ago after having a horrific incident in the ocean in which she almost perished. She affirms that the day before, when she went back to surfing, was a significant turning point in her life.

In response, Theo expresses his own hurt, thinking back to their time together when he was so honest with Kirby about his own prior traumas. Now that they’d made the commitment to always be honest with one another, he feels like she was holding back.

Does Theo’s overreaction indicate that he isn’t truly over Kirby, given how evidently he is still grappling with the situation?


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