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Neighbours theory: Susan Kennedy’s exit storyline rumbled in Elly Conway twist


NEIGHBOURS legend Susan Kennedy hasn’t had the best time on the Channel 5 soap recently, and as the serial nears its finale this summer, a new hypothesis from says her retirement from Ramsay Street may be linked to the return of her niece Elly Conway.

Susan (Jackie Woodburne) recently learned that her husband, Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher), had put over $200,000 of their life savings into a doomed business venture. The pair will have to work harder to regain some of what they lost because they are unlikely to receive their money back, but this has strained their relationship on Neighbours. There are just over two months until the Channel 5 soap goes off the air, and it has been reported that a slew of familiar faces would be returning, but might Elly (Jodi Anasta) truly be on a quest to save her auntie?

Elly, who left Ramsay Street two years ago, was among the more than 20 characters who were confirmed to be returning earlier this month.

Susan will be joined by her sister, Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson), who also departed Erinsborough last year, as the sisters are expected to pay Susan a visit.


They could make a reappearance if they learn that their auntie is having financial difficulties, and knowing how much anguish Karl has caused her over the years, they could offer her a way out.

With her road journey nearing to a close, Bea could tell Susan Elly had arrived to assist her in packing her belongings in preparation for her sister’s departure to Switzerland.

They might tell their auntie to quit her husband and join them if they wanted the complete family back together.

Susan Kennedy’s leave plot rumbled in an Elly Conway twist, according to a Neighbours theory. (Image courtesy of Channel 5)
Susan Kennedy and Karl Kennedy are currently having troubles, according to Neighbours spoilers (Image: Channel 5)

Elly may explain that there would be plenty of room for them both because she and Shaun Watkins (Brad Moller) have made a good living.


Susan’s decision would be difficult because she and Karl have been married for so long and have been through so much.

However, she knew deep down that his decision to make an investment without informing her would be the final straw.

As she was packing her belongings, she would inform Karl that she was going to file for divorce and that she needed to start a new chapter in her life.

It would be terrible to watch them go their own ways as one of the most cherished couples to have ever resided on Ramsay Street.

Susan Kennedy may depart Neighbours with Elly Conway, according to spoilers (Image: Channel 5)

Elly had a brief affair with Chloe before having her baby, but the two eventually concluded they were better off as friends.

But, as Jodi observed, Elly seemed to always have a passion for the Brennan daughter: “Elly, please come back for Chloe sometime!

“My exit came at the perfect time, and while all of the ‘Chelly’ fans are disappointed that I’m leaving the programme, I wouldn’t say goodbye to the duo just yet.

“Because I certainly haven’t,” she told Inside Soap, adding the two ladies are sure to cross paths again when Elly returns to Ramsay Street.

Since 2000, the biggest TV audiences for a drama series have been (Image: BBC/ITV).

However, Elly’s full emphasis could be on assisting Susan in her transfer away from Erinsborough, and given that she is content in her relationship with Shaun, could the beloved character extend another hand of friendship to Chloe?

Bonnie, the actress who plays Bea, has hinted that her character may return after her departure from the programme in 2021.


At the time, Bonnie stated: “Neighbours was an excellent training ground for me, and I’ll be eternally thankful for everything I learned there.

In an interview with TV Week, she commented, “It would be lovely to return and be reunited with everyone on-screen and off.”

Unfortunately, both actresses have made their long-awaited comebacks due to the discontinuation of the daily serial drama.

Natalie, who portrays Izzy, has appeared on the show multiple times throughout the years, but this will be her final appearance.

“It’s sad for so many people,” the actress stated of the show’s cancellation.

Natalie went on to say: “It’s been an incredible launching pad for so many people, including myself. On the show, I learned a lot.

“To say goodbye, it feels a little odd… I believe you have to be grateful and think, “Wow, it lasted so long and made so many people happy throughout the years.”

“However, it is difficult for everyone, not just the actors, writers, and crew. That show has employed a large number of people for a long time.

She told TV Tonight, “It’s good to see Australian stories told on Australian TV.”

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