Thursday, July 25, 2024

Home and Away’s Chloe Anderson faces surprising new setback


After finally finding happiness with Theo Poulos, Chloe Anderson of Home and Away has encountered a new romantic challenge.

Although Chloe and Theo are still dating, it appears that not everyone is glad to see them together.

Chloe and Theo finally figure out what they mean to each other in this week’s episodes in Australia, after rekindling their romantic connection.

After making a mistake by inviting another girl to a scheduled evening with Chloe at Salt, Theo apologised and was able to finally get out of the “friend zone.”


In Thursday’s Channel 7 programmes, Theo’s aunt Leah Patterson grew obsessed with finding out what was going on between him and Chloe.

Leah sought to persuade her detective partner Justin Morgan to join her investigation, but Justin pointed out that Theo appeared to be content and that he should be left alone.

Leah was adamant on bringing Chloe home for a family meal, unable to let things go.

Justin knew Leah was lying when she said she wanted to try out a new recipe and obtain Chloe’s feedback.


As the lunch began and Chloe sat down for what should have been a joyous occasion, she was taken aback when Leah inquired about her intentions with Theo.

Leah’s severe demeanour suggested she wasn’t fully convinced by Theo’s girlfriend choice, but can Chloe persuade her otherwise?

In July, Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom will be able to witness these moments on Channel 5.

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