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Neighbours star discusses tragic death story for first time


When young Hendrix Greyson dies after a lung transplant, some heartbreaking scenes are going to air on Neighbours.

It’s a devastating blow for the kid, who has only recently married Mackenzie, his true love. Ben Turland has been talking about what it was like to film the dramatic tale ahead of its heartbreaking finale.

Ben noted in the latest issue of Inside Soap, “While it was pretty full-on, it truly tested my acting skills, and I loved the whole process.”

And, based on Ben’s explanation of how Hendrix’s final moments would play out, it appears like his death episode will tear rather than simply pull on the heartstrings.


“It was a pretty intense scene,” he added, “with Mackenzie and the Kennedys having to say goodbye to him and letting him know it was okay for him to let go.”

The devastating sequences will air next week, bringing Ben’s three years on the programme to a stop. Before being plunged into numerous famous storylines, the once-rebellious kid made a surprising appearance on his father’s doorway.

While the character was originally matched with Harlow, fans fell in love with his connection with Mackenzie, and the two married this week on UK TV.

Ben stated he enjoyed the “transition from a really selfish young kid to really appreciating the people around him” during his time on Neighbours, adding, “When he realises he’s dying, he also understands how loved he is.”


Hendrix is one of a number of characters who have left the Ramsay Street drama before the last episode. Kyle, Roxy, Sheila, and Ned have all departed in 2022, and Harlow is expected to leave soon.

The departures make room for a slew of new characters, including Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young, and Shane Ramsay, to mention a few – and there are more intriguing returnees on the way as well.

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