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Neighbours star Georgie Stone “always” wanted Mackenzie Hargreaves wedding episode


Georgie Stone talked to Digital Spy about her character Mackenzie Hargreaves getting married on Neighbours.

Mackenzie tied the wedding with her partner Hendrix Greyson in a stunning ceremony at the Melbourne Zoo on Tuesday’s episode of Channel 5 (June 7).

Following the recent news of Hendrix’s illness, the couple accelerated their wedding arrangements, realising that they didn’t want to squander any time.

“I secretly always wanted to perform a wedding, but I assumed that because I was playing an adolescent, that would never happen,” Georgie told Digital Spy about this momentous occasion for Mackenzie.


“I figured you might as well enjoy the entire Neighbours experience while you’re on the show, so I was pretty delighted when I found out this would happen.”

“I had no idea Neighbours was going to end when I initially heard about the wedding.” We believed it may stop, but it could still go on, so we weren’t sure if this was the show’s final wedding or not. I’m not going to say if it’s the final one since who knows what could happen.

“But it’s a lovely wedding, and I’m glad we got to be a part of it.”

“The wedding episode was absolutely gorgeous,” she concluded. It was both emotional and heartwarming. Mackenzie had always wanted a fairytale, but had never dared to believe it could come true.


“We’ve mentioned Mackenzie’s love of fairytales previously, so the wedding is truly a beautiful moment of happiness for Mackenzie and Hendrix.” It’s very sweet, and it clearly demonstrates Mackenzie and Hendrix’s love for one another.

“It’s just a traditional Neighbours wedding, which is really cool, and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.” It’s something I’m confident the fans will adore.”

When Georgie initially heard that Mackenzie and Hendrix would be coupled up as a couple last year, she expressed her misgivings.

When we discussed it in our new chat, she chuckled and said, “I was entirely wrong!” They’re a lovely couple that complement one other perfectly.


“They’ve matured a lot before going into a relationship, and they’ve matured even more throughout the relationship.”

“They are truly perfect for each other, and I’m pleased that this wedding captures that.”

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